25 Years of Girls Voices in New Moon Girls

It’s the 25th Anniversary Year of our very first issue!

Celebrate with us and get our special Year 25 enews by signing up at the bottom of this page.

The inaugural issue of New Moon Girls was printed on March 21, 1993 at Service Printers in Duluth, MN.  I vividly remember the excitement of that day.

For the previous 9 months a small group of girls ages 8-13 and a few dedicated adults worked closely together creating the premiere issue.

Finally, we were at the printer and watching the first 2,000 copies be printed and bound. I got chills holding a copy in my hands, and paging through reading girls’ feelings, thoughts, opinions and experiences. Seeing their drawings, poems and stories. It was breathtaking. 

Since then more than 1 million girls and a few adults worldwide have created, edited, read, written for, made art for, interned with, volunteered for, worked for and supported NMG in countless ways. 

THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart. You made this awesome dream a reality that’s stood with girls, respected their voices and abilities,  and supported them and their adult allies. NMG has been important in changing what the world expects of girls and how it values girls. 

There are more changes we’re working on together. True equity still doesn’t exist for girls. Even so, today we’re taking time to remember and feel proud of how much we’ve already helped change things for the better.

Did you or someone you know connect with us any time since 1992? We are excited to hear what you’re doing now and to reconnect to jumpstart the next 25 years of bringing girls’ voices to the world.

We want to feature you and your lives all year long as our inspiration and celebration! Sign up below for our special Year 25 enews to find out how.

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