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Moderation at New Moon Girls

Everything contributed to NewMoonGirls.com is reviewed by an adult moderator before it is posted.

This is one of the most critical components of creating a safe, supportive, and age-appropriate environment for 8 to 14 years olds to share, participate, question, create, be themselves and grow in their uniqueness, confidence, creativity, and resilience during this critical developmental period of their lives.

As much as possible, we try to share questions and answer about moderation here so that we all — girls participating on New Moon, parents, teachers, staff, volunteers, and everyone who cares about children having access to healthy online environments — can be in open dialogue about both our specific moderation practices, and the bigger picture of children’s ability to explore, create, share, access resources, tools, and technology, and grow, yet also be kept safe.

We don’t think there’s a middle ground. We believe full moderation is the key to children having both their unique voices and their individual well being protected online while at the same time ensuring the environment is a safe one where each individual child knows and feels that they and their thoughts are valued.

We, the Moderators:

Respect and value your voice!

Try our best to always preserve your voice as we moderate!

Hope you will continue to participate and share!

Join the Moderation Conversation!

#NoteFromModeratorAutumn: Hey New Moon Girls! If we, the moderation team, determine it’s best to modify your post in order to publish it, we will do our best to explain the change by putting a [#NoteFromModeratorName in brackets inside your post explaining the change]. Please know that if we make a small change to your words, we are NOT saying you have done something wrong. It simply means, in the interest of everyone’s online safety, privacy, and age-appropriate content access, we thought extra caution was required. Thank you for sharing, and keep sharing, because THE WORLD NEEDS YOUR VOICE! Love, Autumn

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