About NMG’s Price

Our price is higher than other girls’ magazines because New Moon Girls contains zero advertising. Every page is packed with content–nearly all of it created by girls themselves.

Many parents tell us: “It’s like getting six books a year.” When we started in 1992, we wanted our magazine to set a new standard for high-quality feminist media about, by and for tween and early teen girls. To this day,  it’s still full of diverse girls’ voices, still feminist, still ad-free, still international, still multi-cultural and still unique*.

Most magazines for 8 to 14 year-old girls have up to 75% of their pages devoted to advertising, which which gives those magazine publishers a hefty revenue stream–and a huge incentive to set their subscription price low, so they can deliver more readers to the advertisers. A Seventeen subscription is cheap in dollars but girls pay a steep price in the advertising’s corrosive impact on their well-being. Seventeen’s description of itself is: The latest style tips, fashions, guy confessions and more! It is what it is.

As the description shows, an onslaught of advertising and product-placement editorial content bombards girls with “perfect” and hyper-sexualized images. They show girls that they need to act in certain ways and own certain things in order to fit in with their peers and be normal, popular, acceptable, good, etc.

We’re radically different.  Rather than tell girls how to be, New Moon Girls brings girls own voices and experiences to other girls and the larger world. We have never accepted advertising. So we’ve never had the restrictions and imperatives that advertising imposes on the content and direction of most magazines.

We hear from girls, parents, and girl allies that NMG strengthens—and can even restore—girls’ trust of themselves. Our members deepen their emotional literacy, self-expression and healthy resistance to stay deeply connected to their individual  interests, abilities, hopes.

And just as crucial, they feel accepted in our supportive community of girls who help one another. Girls respect and value each other in the sisterhood our articles, columns and online community nurture. They help each other express and celebrate their talents. They empathize and help each other problem solve challenges, creating meaningful bonds even when their lives, beliefs and opinions differ.

Because of no ad revenue (which we never will take), our subscription price has to be higher to cover the costs of creating this unique media for girls. We are truly and transparently reader-supported–via parents and allies who buy memberships for the girls they care about. Our commitment to girls is unwavering and will always be.

Thanks for listening–and thank you so much for supporting and/or considering New Moon Girls!! We’re so happy to welcome you to our community of girls, parents and allies supporting each other, and building an equal world for all!


Nancy Gruver, Founder

* BTW, NMG remains the only kids-edited magazine to win the Golden Lamp Award; aka the Oscar for children’s magazines.

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