About NMG’s Price

Our price is higher than other girls’ magazines because New Moon Girls contains zero advertising. Every page is packed with content–nearly all of it created by girls themselves. Many parents tell us: “It’s like getting six books a year.” When NMG started in 1993, it set a new standard for high-quality media by and for tween and teen girls—and it remains ad-free, international, multi-cultural–and unduplicated*.

Other magazines for girls have a lot of advertising and marketing of products, which which gives those magazine publishers a hefty revenue stream–and a huge incentive to be cheap, so they can deliver more readers to the advertisers.

Unfortunately, that onslaught of advertising and marketing bombards girls with “perfect girl” and hyper-sexualized images–along with many products and messages telling girls that they need to be a certain way (or own a certain thing) in order to be normal, popular, acceptable, good, etc. A Cosmo Girls subscription is cheap, but we pay a not-always-easy-to-see price in the advertising’s corrosive impact on our girls’ well-being.

Rather than tell girls how to be, New Moon Girls brings girls own voices and experiences to other girls and the larger world. We have never accepted advertising–so we’ve never had the restrictions/imperatives that advertising imposes on the content and direction of most magazines.

NMG strengthens—and sometimes restores—girls’ relationship with themselves. Every day, NMG members use emotional support, self-expression and healthy resistance to stay deeply connected to their true interests, abilities, hopes—and to one another. They help each other express and value their unique talents. They empathize and problem solve together, creating meaningful bonds even when their lives, beliefs and opinions differ.

Without advertising revenue (which we never will take), our subscription price is higher. It represents our commitment to girls–and transparency about what it takes to fulfill that commitment.

Thanks for listening–and thank you so much for supporting and/or considering New Moon Girls!! We consider you part of our community of girls, parents and allies supporting each other, and building an equal world for all!


Nancy Gruver, Founder
New Moon Girls

* BTW, NMG remains the only kids-edited magazine to win the Golden Lamp Award; aka the Oscar for children’s magazines.