New from Hansa, 9, India

My animal is a Do-co. It is a mixture of a dog and a cow. A do-co is a non-vegetarian and makes sounds like “Moo” but they seem like a bark too. A do-co has excellent vision, but they have a poor sense of smell. A do-co can run very fast. They can get sad and happy (They have feelings JUST like humans). When angry or scared, A do-co is very dangerous.

Sammy and Roxy
At a small town, lived a girl called Sammy. She wanted a cow AND a dog, but her parents told her that two pets would be too much. Sammy protested that many people have their house filled with pets, but her parents insisted. Poor Sammy decided to go to the pet shop. She grabbed her piggybank and rushed to the store. There; she saw many magnificent pets: small kittens, cute hamsters, funny puppies……Poor Sammy couldn’t make up her mind! Just then, she heard a “Moo” mixed with a bark. “Huh?” Sammy muttered, looking here and there. Her hair fluttering behind her, she hurried to the sound. There, lay a small Do-co. It was very sleepy. “Aw…” Sammy remarked. The Do-co got up, and walked around Sammy, looking up at her face. Then it put its front legs on her knees. Sammy picked it up. She asked the shopkeeper if she could take it. “Hah! That ugly thing? You should take it for free!” The shopkeeper exclaimed in between laughs. The Do-co became all sad. Then, all of sudden, it jumped on the shopkeeper’s head and made a loud “Moo”. “Get off! Ah!” The shopkeeper aid, trying to make the Do-co get off his head. The Do-co fell down. Sammy gasped and grabbed the Do-co who was now whining sadly. Sammy petted it, and lots of people came to fight with the shopkeeper. Sammy thanked all of them, then ran home with her small Do-co snoring in her arms. Her parents were happy to have such a pet, and they named her Roxy. Roxy lived happily with her new friend, Sammy.

If you could create a brand new animal, what would you create? Your animal invention will appear here after it’s reviewed by a moderator, and it might appear in the next issue of New Moon Girls Magazine.

I’d mix a BUNNY and a LIZARD to make a BLIZARD!!! LOL! ~Love, Luna

Catfish by ViVi, 8, CT

My animal is a catfish (literally). Normally it spends its time in the water, but sometimes it comes up on land. The thing is, it also occasionally feeds on humans that get too close to its underwater den. They live in the roots of mangrove trees, but can be found all over the world, even Antarctica! The cold-climate ones have anti-freeze in their blood and a thick, extremely warm coat of fur. Like a puppy, when raised from a young age, they are very docile and loyal and will do almost anything for their trainers. -ViVi, 8, CT

Reptillian Hybrid by Jaime, 8, Canada

[#NoteFromModeratorSarah – the artist’s signature was cropped out of this picture because, for privacy, we don’t publish kids’ last names on]

This is my hybrid. Some say she is a snake, others see her as a hydra. Really, she is a shapeshifter. In this photo, she is shown in her true form, a snake-dragon cross. She lives in the mountains and legends say that seeing her brings good fortune. Her powers include foresight, invisibility, and telepathy.

It is said that once, when a lone adventurer was hiking in the mountains where she lived, there was a terrible storm. He needed shelter but there was none to be found. Then, she dropped out of the sky and picked the hiker up. She carried him to her cave but was terribly injured. The hiker used the last of their medicine to heal her so she granted the adventurer safe passage through the mountains. Nobody knows if she ever did this but many believe so. To this day she wanders through the mountain ranges of the world seeking those in need of assistance. -Jaime, 8, Canada

Jellycat by El$a, 10, CO

This jellycat is named Carmel. She is a pet and is cuddly. -El$a, 10, CO

Kitsune by Mata, 13, US

It is a kitsune, half fox and half snake. They are in Japanese folk tales. They can change into human form. -Mata, 13, US

Bubbles by Lily, 10, CA

My animal’s name is Bubbles. She is half narwhal, half cat. Bubbles likes swimming and catnip. Her favorite thing to do is nap on her underwater cat tree. -Lily, 10, CA

Wolfingo by Etta, 10, WA

This is a Wolfingo. When it eats, its tummy gets bigger and he gets more pink. When he is hungry he is more skinny and turns brown. It likes to eat fish and bunnies. Once upon a time, there lived a Wolfingo named Roger. He was a mix between a wolf and a flamingo. Rosie, a human being, came to the swamp and saw Roger. Then Bobby came to the swamp too and said to Rosie, “Look! It’s a flamingo!” Rosie said, “No, it’s a wolf with long legs.” Bobby replied, “It’s a flamingo. It’s drinking out of the swamp.” Rosie replied, “No, it’s a wolf, washing off its muzzle!” “You know,” said Bobby, “It does kind of look like a wolf.” “Well, I was going to say it does kind of look like a flamingo,” replied Rosie. So Bobby and Rosie decided it was a Wolfingo. The End! -Etta, 10, WA

Pegasus Cat by Dolly, 11, AZ

A pegasus cat has all the abilities that a cat does, which means it’s stealthy, quiet, and light on its feet, plus wings and a horn with the ability to heal. It mostly roams the mountains and forested areas, and locals say that if you see one it’s good luck because they are shy and they mostly hide from humans. They tend to grow around the size of a lynx, with a wingspan of around 4 feet.

It was said that once a villager was out looking for animals to hunt and came across a wounded white pegasus cat. White pegasus cats are very rare, and most humans rarely get a glimpse of a black one. The villager took pity on the pegasus cat and gently wrapped its wound with bandages she had packed. The pegasus cat got up shakily and leaped into the air in a pouf of silver and gold feathers. The villager looked on in wonder and then turned back to her work finding a kill. The locals say that there was a landslide that injured the hunter badly and that the pegasus cat healed her and flew her back to the village on her back. Nobody knows if this story is true, but it is a good reminder that kindness could save your life someday, no matter the situation.-Dolly, 11, AZ

Elephanda by Khazimla, 9, NM

It’s half panda half elephant and it likes bamboo and grass. Once upon a time ELEPHANDA was sitting by themself And a real panda came to it and thought it was it mom but she said no I just look like a panda. -Khazimla, 9, NM

Kitapus by Halia, 9, WA

My kitapus eats seaweed yarn balls and loves to play with seahorses and other kitapuses. Kitapus spends most of her day cleaning up trash and helping others. But one day at Shell Cove every single part of the water was full of trash. Kitapus had to step up her game! -Halia, 9, WA

Maned Wolf Dragon by Tirion, 10, TX

My animal is a Maned Wolf Dragon. -Tirion, 10, TX

Plata-fish by Erika, 11, MA

Rosie is a plata-fish, she likes swimming and lying in the sun on warm days. She eats seaweed and kelp. -Erika, 11, MA

Sunling by Audrey, 12, MA

Sunlings are medium-sized creatures resembling a mix between a cat and a dragon. About one in four are born with sorcery, which allows them to manipulate, create, and destroy light in any form. Sunlings exist mostly on sunlight, similar to plants. However, unlike plants, Sunlings also require meat in their diet, as both cats and dragons are carnivores. They rely mainly on their senses of smell and hearing to find their prey, but also have excellent night vision and sensitive whiskers. Their pelts are mainly beige or brown, with spots of a different color down their necks and on their faces. This coloring helps them blend in with the savanna’s grasses, where they live. The spots also are a symbol of power— as one grows older, the colors deepen and the areas enlarge, symbolizing their importance to the pride (which, like lions, is the proper name for a group of Sunlings). They are almost never seen apart from their pride, though each hunts alone. -Audrey, 12, MA

Foxfish by River, 14, ON

The foxfish is part red fox, part fish. Each lives for about 101 to 133 years.
Residing in the Caribbean Sea, foxfish enjoy jumping out of the water as they swim and are often mistaken for dolphins, despite the distinct reddish colour of their fur and scales. Foxfish are shy creatures, however, they have been known to be friendly when offered tea or chocolate. -River, 14, ON

Shaunk by Lillian, 11, OH

It’s a shaunk! A squirrel shark. -Lillian, 11, OH

Fonxine the Winged Turtle by Stella, 8, NY

It’s a turtle with wings. It’s a girl and her name is Fonxine. She was born with wings. Her mother was a turtle and her father was a bird. She can go to the moon. -Stella, 8, NY

Bearacorn by Kate, 11, NC

My animal’s favorite spot is a grassy meadow at the base of a mountain. Usually, it keeps to itself, hides in a cave in the mountainside, stays out of sight from humans, and sleeps. Bearicorns like sleeping, savoring daisies, and dreaming of one day eating a cloud. One day, Berri, as he was called, was happily munching on daisies and thinking of cotton candy clouds when he gently fell asleep. Again, he was dreaming about standing on a cotton candy cloud. He saw other bearicorns hopping from one cloud to another heading towards something he could not see. So he started hopping too. Berri then saw a gleaming cloud castle with daisies for pillars and a grand staircase. He walked up and saw what seemed to be a buffet of all different types of cotton candy clouds like daisy flavored, dyed pink, blue, and green, extra sugar, no sugar, etc. Anyways, he looked at it in awe, not realizing that it was a dream. As soon as he grabbed some extra sugary blue cotton candy, he woke up. But besides him, there was a little cloud fluff. He savored it, for he knew he might not get the chance again. -Kate, 11, NC

Dangon by Leo, 13, US

This is my own creation, which I call a dangon. They are a dango-dragon, and they have a really playful personality. They also really love swimming, eating berries, and sunbathing. They don’t really have a backstory yet, but they live in our world after the zombie apocalypse. -Leo, 13, US

Kitty Grat by Leona, 10, US

My animal is a mix between a cat and a giraffe. It is called a kitty grat. The g in grat is for giraffe. The kitty grat loves to jump into high places and eat leaves. It is shy and very playful.

One time a kitty grat was wandering in the woods when it saw a tree with lots of branches. Naturally, it jumped up and sat up there for a while. Soon, a young girl walked by and saw the kitty grat up in the tree. The girl foolishly mistook the little grat for a regular cat and thought it was stuck in the tree. The girl climbed up and grabbed the kitty grat then climbed back down. It was shaking because it had never seen a human before. She tried to comfort it but was unsuccessful. The girl brought it home and tried to feed it some cat food. Kitty grat was curious so it ate some but immediately barfed it up and ran out of the girl’s house. That is when we learned that kitty grats are NOT to be kept as pets. -Leona, 10, US

Demon/Angel Rabbit by Alice, 12, CA

This is a Demon/angel rabbit it flies around the world giving luck, love, and good health to others and finding her chosen one

This little rabbit likes carrot cake (Of course -^-)
and strawberry milk
In her world, she really enjoys holy water and bread.
Her demon side likes peppers and oil -Alice, 12, CA

Butterhorse by Ruthy, 12, MI

This is the butterhorse, a cross between a butterfly and a horse. It may seem like basically a Pegasus, but it is not! Unlike a Pegasus, it pollinates. Plants pollinated by a butterhorse actually are especially healthy, due to the size of a butterhorse. Butterhorses live on a diet of pollen, honey they make flowers and grass. They would never even consider eating something like straw, that is already picked and dead. They only eat fresh things straight from the ground, and their honey and pollen.

Babies are born the way horse babies are, but there are typically at least two or three at a time. Once butterhorses are born, they start drinking mama’s milk (which, by the way, is very sweet with a strong taste of honey) and the precious pollen and honey. Butter horses are about the size of a regular horse, but newborns are smaller than horse newborns.

They live in warmer environments, with plenty of growing things and flowers. Although they can survive a winter that isn’t too bitter, they prefer not to and do a lot of sleeping during winters.
Butterhorses can be domesticated or wild. In the drawing I included, the butterhorse is domesticated, but not all of them are! A wild butterhorse is beautiful, but strong and surprisingly fierce, especially when they have young to protect.

Butterhorses are devoted families, who like to stick together. But often, a baby will leave and start their own family, never to return again to its parents. Speaking of returning, wild butterhorses rarely have a particular home. They move around, often seasonally.

A butterhorses life expectancy? Surprisingly, quite long! Butterhorses can live to up to 80 years, if they are in the proper environment and get good food (and care, if they are domesticated).

If you see a butterhorse, it will probably be in a field or flower garden. Approach cautiously – they are skittish and know to be safe rather than sorry with humans. But it can sense emotions to a certain extent. If you make sure to be feeling calm, happy, and loving, it is much more likely to come up to you and not to run or fly away. Angry, stressed, or disliking emotions will send them faaar away from you. Don’t chase – it will only make them fly away, and you can’t chase a flying creature.

Butterhorses are excellent and devoted friends, and everyone who knows or owns one (such as myself, that’s my butterhorse Moonlight, or Lighty, in the picture!) is a lucky person! -Ruthy, 12, MI