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New Moon is for ages 8 to 14. New Moon is meant to be a place where every girl can be her TRUE self and KNOW her true voice will be valued and protected. So EVERYTHING is reviewed by a moderator before it is posted. We, the Moderators:

Respect and value your voice!

Try our best to always preserve your voice as we moderate!

Try our best to support a continuous learning process where we are all learning together (including we moderators)!

Hope you will continue to participate and share, even if something you posted was changed by the moderation team!

But you still might have questions about moderation, something you shared that was changed, something you want to share but are not sure, something that someone else shared or more. Ask us!

Remember to check back on the About Moderation page to see our response. Please be patient as we are a very small group of staff and volunteers – sometimes it takes us a few days to respond.

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