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What if all energy people focus on physical looks was focused on inner beauty instead? How would we all feel?

What if every girl recognized that she’s already beautiful, just as she is? What does “true beauty” mean to you?

Read about these Beautiful Girls!

Maya, 10, NY

Alexa says her best friend Maya is kind to everyone she meets even if they are not the nicest person. She stands up for herself and her friends and has a lot of interests including baking, singing, writing books or short stories, and playing with her friends. At Adventure Camp she faced a lot of challenges but was up for them. Maya has 3 precious pets and loves them very much. She plays with barbies and absolutely loves eating desserts. Especially if she made it. Maya is a great person and an amazing best friend. And whenever she comes over or I go to her house we always bake something. When we have two choices about what to play we don’t want to hurt one another’s feelings. We ran a lemonade stand to raise money for children with cancer. We made over $700! She is always partly excited about things even if she is also nervous. She is definitely a go-getter. I love her as a friend and that will never change.

Scout, 11, WA

Ursula says her friend Scout, 11, WA is a Beautiful Girl because:

“of the stories she writes, how she’s always been my friend and shared everything with me and the imaginary games we used to play when we were little. Scout loves to read books, splash in her pool, and listen to music. She climbs trees with me and once we were courageous when we went alone on a hike with no adults. She plays truth or dare, loves books (Harry Potter), swimming, playing video games, and making art and stories, and she has sensory issues but it doesn’t hold her back!”

Annabel, 11, CA

(Photo shared with parent permission. Remember, your parents will need to complete a permission form to share your photo on the website!)

I’m a sporty girl that tries any sport I can. I play softball on a team and I have a tennis coach, and I like basketball, soccer, football, frisbee, rock climbing, pickleball, and swimming, even though I don’t play officially. I love to create episodes for my podcast, Comic Blast Weekly, draw and make comics, and help kids in my elementary school make articles for the school newspaper that me and my friend created. Lots of kids need things to do especially now, so I created the paper with that in mind.

I am a very good helper to my brother, although I’m a bit bossy at times (working on it!) Our family recently got a new puppy and that’s a lot of work, so I help my parents feed, walk, and take care of our newest member of our family, Ruthie! I’m a good friend because I always get things done, so if somebody asks me to help them with something, I’ll jump right in and do it. I took on a challenge when I had to work really hard to make the newspaper reality. I got dozens of emails and notifications and reminders that were clouding my brain. I eventually realized that you can work better when working as a team. I recruited twenty kids to write articles and help me with the newspaper. We are much stronger together.

I want to be the first girl president! I think the job would suit me because I’m always up for a challenge and I have no limits! (Also the White House is pretty cool…). I am a girl that is willing to try anything (except maybe trying new foods) and I NEVER give up on the first try. I am a beautiful girl and proud of it!

Thank you for sharing and for being your Beautiful YOU, Annabel ! ! !

Hey New Moon Girl! What makes YOU beautiful?

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