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Photo from Hansa, 9, India

It’s dangerous out here. I trust you, though. -Ruthy, 12, MI (I can tell the dog is looking at the photographer, and the look on his/her/their face is that of trust, with just a hint of fear in it. I’d imagine that the dog would stand up, walk up to Hansa, and just cuddle up.)

Why yes, I am using new shampoo. -Lily, 11, OR

Wait- YOU HAVE A BONE?!! -Unknown Human, 13, India (I chose this caption because dogs love bones.)

Please don’t buy me! Rather adopt me, because I am in need of care and support. -Udeeta, 12, India (I chose this caption because many people buy a pet just for fun or to show others. They don’t provide love. I think if they will take the pets home having adopted them, they would love and care for the pets.)

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