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New Photo from Hansa, 9, India!

It’s easy to play! Share a funny photo. See what captions girls come up with. Give your own captions to other girl’s photos!

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NEW PHOTO from Hansa, 9, India

Cute dogie chillin -Ashley, 15, USA (I chose this caption because he/her is cute and he/her is chilling and he/her is a dogie. I’d imagine the dog gets lost in a forest and finds another dog and brings other dogs to help because the dog is hurt.)

It’s dangerous out here. I trust you, though. -Ruthy, 12, MI (I can tell the dog is looking at the photographer, and the look on his/her/their face is that of trust, with just a hint of fear in it. I’d imagine that the dog would stand up, walk up to Hansa, and just cuddle up.)

Why yes, I am using new shampoo. -Lily, 11, OR

Wait- YOU HAVE A BONE?!! -Unknown Human, 13, India (I chose this caption because dogs love bones.)

Please don’t buy me! Rather adopt me, because I am in need of care and support. -Udeeta, 12, India (I chose this caption because many people buy a pet just for fun or to show others. They don’t provide love. I think if they will take the pets home having adopted them, they would love and care for the pets.)

Photo from Luna, 11, PA

Hey! I don’t want to be washed! Please take me out!!! -Ariana, 12, MA [I think this photo was funny, and I like captioning funny photos 🙂 ]


Ahhhh! Geez, human, that water BURNS! -Mason, 12, OR

A perfect bed, as long as you don’t want to brush your teeth -Ruthy, 12, MI

Help me get out of here!!! -Udeeta, 12, India

“I SAID I DON’T WANT TO BE WASHED! HEEELP! LUNA IS GOING TO WASH ME!” – Hansa, 9, India (I chose it because it’s so funny! LOL! The cat’s acting like something very, very evil is happening to him/her!)

Photo from GuineaPigLover, 12, US

Can I come out of here now? Please?? -Arianna, 12, MA (It seems so matching!)

Pleeeaaase let me out? No? Pleeeaaase let me out? -Dolly, 11, AZ (The guinea pig just looks so pleading!)

I… CAN… JUMP IT! -Esmé, 12, Canada

F-food? I’m starving! I haven’t eaten in nearly five minutes! -Ruthy, 12, MI (The guinea pig looked all sad, and when I saw the empty bowl I thought that would be a fun caption to put!)

Photo from Ju, 13, PA

Um… WHAT?? -Ariana, 12, MA (It seems matching to their face XD)

WOW…. That was deep, dude…….. -Mason, 12, OR

Why did u wake me up? -Lily, 10, United States

WHAAAAAAT he really said that? -Dolly, 11, AZ

Wait- You have a crush on me!?! -Jade, 12, CA

WHAT IS THIS DOG DOING HERE!?!? -Anonymous, 10, Israel (cats usually hate dogs and I thought that a cat would have the same expression if they saw that a dog was in their territory)

OMG! There’s a tiny child! -Sonia, 14, Ontario


What??? No, I wasn’t the one who stole that tuna! -Natalia, 11, CA (I have a cat and she loves tuna, and when she does a bad thing she looks like that. I thought it would be funny to put something like that, and since I love New Moon Girls, I decided that this was perfect!)

Help! I don’t want to bathe! -Udeeta, 12, India

Oh heck, where did all my snacks go??? -Lily, 11, OR

Photo from Ruthy, 12, MI

I totally wasn’t attacking him, mom, I swear?? -Mason, 12, OR

You see nothing. -Jade, 12, CA

Other dog? What other dog? -Reggie, 10, PA

Where did that ball go? -Anonymous, 10, Israel (it looks like they were fighting over a ball but now it’s missing)

He started it! -GuineaPigLover, 12, US

No, we weren’t play-fighting. . . -Natalia, 11, CA

Ok! Ok! You win! I give up! -Lily, 11, OR

Help me, Mom! -Ju, 13, PA

Photo from Charlie, 9, RI

Dude….. Space much? -Mason, 12, OR

I wonder whats in this bag? -Lily, 10, United States

Uggh, I can’t believe they didn’t get any good snacks! -Dolly, 11, AZ

Me trying to hide from my siblings -Alice, 12, CA

What are you doing in here? This is MY bag! -Anonymous, 10, Israel

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