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Photo from Abigail, 12, ON

the people say it is christmas but i think they mean wrapping paper. (i chose this caption because the cat looks surrounded in wrapping paper and like it’s enjoying it.) If this photo was a story the people would think she needed help, then she would say ”I’m perfectly capable of taking care of myself” then bathe herself because she actually needs help. ~Bear, 9, USA

No, I don’t need help getting out, why would you think that? ~Ruthy, 12, MI

Don’t let that dog in here again pleaseee! ~I chose this caption because he/she/they looks very scared, and cats are normally afraid of dogs. ~If this was a story, the next thing that would happen would be: The dog would run in, and the cat would cling to the ceiling. ~Mason, 13, OR

Oh! I am stuck. Help me out! I am getting squeezed up here! ~Udeeta, 12, India

“meoooooow!” ~Sloane, 7, CA

I gave this caption because: she is a cat and she is stuck and maybe hurt, so she says “me-ow” like humans say “ow” when they are hurt.)

If this was a story, the next thing that would happen would be: then she got out and escaped. she thought she opened the door from her house into what she called “the wild.” she looked at her surroundings then she noticed the wild was not as bright, or pretty as it used to be and at that moment she realized that she thought she was outside but… SHE WAS INSIDE!!!!! and then she just walked away and pretended nothing happened like a cat would do. ~Sloane, 7, CA

*huff* I’ll make it! I’ll be the cat of the year! *huff* ~Hansa, 9, India

Photo from Anya, 11, MA

Huh? Where did my body go? Ummmmm ~Abigail, 12, ON

Huh… Wait, what? MORE SALMON TREATS?! -Mason, 12, OR (I chose this caption because this cat looks very intrigued by the current situation lol!)

You said something about a fish? -Hansa, 9, India

Nope!!! Don’t click my photo now cauze I have not yet put makeup!! Let me be ready first. -Udeeta, 12, India

Are they coming? Are they coming? Psssst… -Ruthy, 12, MI (I thought it seemed like s/he was trying to hide and/or surprise someone. I imagine that a human would come into the room, and the cat would quickly duck into the box and hide. the human would walk through the room and not notice, and then be looking all over for the cat, who would continue hiding. Eventually, the cat would just prowl out and act like nothing had happened, and the owner would be super surprised)

Do you like my castle? Well- wait, do I smell fish? -Olive, 10, MI

Photo from Hansa, 9, India

Am I a good dog? -Lily, 10, CA

Yeah… I don’t get it? -Mason, 12, OR

Cute dogie chillin -Ashley, 15, USA (I chose this caption because he/her is cute and he/her is chilling and he/her is a dogie. I’d imagine the dog gets lost in a forest and finds another dog and brings other dogs to help because the dog is hurt.)

It’s dangerous out here. I trust you, though. -Ruthy, 12, MI (I can tell the dog is looking at the photographer, and the look on his/her/their face is that of trust, with just a hint of fear in it. I’d imagine that the dog would stand up, walk up to Hansa, and just cuddle up.)

Why yes, I am using new shampoo. -Lily, 11, OR

Wait- YOU HAVE A BONE?!! -Unknown Human, 13, India (I chose this caption because dogs love bones.)

Please don’t buy me! Rather adopt me, because I am in need of care and support. -Udeeta, 12, India (I chose this caption because many people buy a pet just for fun or to show others. They don’t provide love. I think if they will take the pets home having adopted them, they would love and care for the pets.)

Do we have to walk this way? -Olive, 10, MI

Photo from Luna, 11, PA

Me Screaming When My Brother Starts Singing: _____________ ~ThatGurlAria, 14, NY

Hey! I don’t want to be washed! Please take me out!!! -Ariana, 12, MA [I think this photo was funny, and I like captioning funny photos 🙂 ]


Ahhhh! Geez, human, that water BURNS! -Mason, 12, OR

A perfect bed, as long as you don’t want to brush your teeth -Ruthy, 12, MI

Help me get out of here!!! -Udeeta, 12, India

“I SAID I DON’T WANT TO BE WASHED! HEEELP! LUNA IS GOING TO WASH ME!” – Hansa, 9, India (I chose it because it’s so funny! LOL! The cat’s acting like something very, very evil is happening to him/her!)

Photo from GuineaPigLover, 12, US

Oh, it’s on, Human! -Mason, 12, OR (I chose this caption because he looks very determined to prove something haha)

Can I come out of here now? Please?? -Arianna, 12, MA (It seems so matching!)

Pleeeaaase let me out? No? Pleeeaaase let me out? -Dolly, 11, AZ (The guinea pig just looks so pleading!)

I… CAN… JUMP IT! -Esmé, 12, Canada

F-food? I’m starving! I haven’t eaten in nearly five minutes! -Ruthy, 12, MI (The guinea pig looked all sad, and when I saw the empty bowl I thought that would be a fun caption to put!)

Photo from Ju, 13, PA

Um… WHAT?? -Ariana, 12, MA (It seems matching to their face XD)

WOW…. That was deep, dude…….. -Mason, 12, OR

Why did u wake me up? -Lily, 10, United States

WHAAAAAAT he really said that? -Dolly, 11, AZ

Wait- You have a crush on me!?! -Jade, 12, CA

WHAT IS THIS DOG DOING HERE!?!? -Anonymous, 10, Israel (cats usually hate dogs and I thought that a cat would have the same expression if they saw that a dog was in their territory)

OMG! There’s a tiny child! -Sonia, 14, Ontario


What??? No, I wasn’t the one who stole that tuna! -Natalia, 11, CA (I have a cat and she loves tuna, and when she does a bad thing she looks like that. I thought it would be funny to put something like that, and since I love New Moon Girls, I decided that this was perfect!)

Help! I don’t want to bathe! -Udeeta, 12, India

Oh heck, where did all my snacks go??? -Lily, 11, OR

Photo from Ruthy, 12, MI

I totally wasn’t attacking him, mom, I swear?? -Mason, 12, OR

You see nothing. -Jade, 12, CA

Other dog? What other dog? -Reggie, 10, PA

Where did that ball go? -Anonymous, 10, Israel (it looks like they were fighting over a ball but now it’s missing)

He started it! -GuineaPigLover, 12, US

No, we weren’t play-fighting. . . -Natalia, 11, CA

Ok! Ok! You win! I give up! -Lily, 11, OR

Help me, Mom! -Ju, 13, PA

Photo from Charlie, 9, RI

Dude….. Space much? -Mason, 12, OR

I wonder whats in this bag? -Lily, 10, United States

Uggh, I can’t believe they didn’t get any good snacks! -Dolly, 11, AZ

Me trying to hide from my siblings -Alice, 12, CA

What are you doing in here? This is MY bag! -Anonymous, 10, Israel

moooommmmmm!!! they’re in my room againnnn!!! -Eerie, 16, CA

Aha! Gotcha. -Natalia, 11, CA

Hide and seek masters! -Clover, 10, IN

Me vs my 15 missing assignments! -Jenna, 12, NY

Hello? Hello? Anyone home? -Lily, 11, OR

Why are siblings so annoying? The moment I find a good hideout, someone’s asking to share it! -Ruthy, 12, MI

“Come out now! It is my time to rest inside this cozy packet!” -Udeeta, 12, India