Lacey Recommends Books About Change

Every year, we devote our Jan-Feb New Moon Girls magazine to some of the big changes that girls go through while growing up. It can be a time of her life when it feels like nothing, from friendships to her relationship with parents, to her body or emotions, stays the same. The books below can … Read more Lacey Recommends Books About Change

TGIF Enews – Girls & Anxiety

With holiday season busyness, I’m a couple days late with this. Guessing you understand.        
Dec 16 was Jane Austen’s 243rd birthday. Her novels changed literature by focusing on everyday people rather than heroes and gods. They are still excellent reading for everyone interested in human nature with all its foibles. They’re favorites with me and my daughters!
This week I’m recommending one exceptional yearlong series of articles and resources related to raising strong girls.  I hope they’re helpful to you and your girl, too! They’re great starting points for listening conversations with her.
Sara Israelson-Hartley and Lois Collins of the Deseret News anchored the entire series on teen anxiety. Their reporting and writing have notably unusual depth, lack of sensationalism, understanding, nuance and many practical resources, compared to most news coverage of child anxiety. It includes so much help it’s like reading a book on the topic. Congratulations are due to everyone who worked on it! It will take some time, but I recommend reading the whole series linked here:  
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Nancy Gruver, Founder
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How to Get the Jan-Feb 2019 NMG Magazine

If you want her to get the annual issue focused on her growth and changes, you need to order or renew, if it’s time for your renewal, in the next few days.  Order By Dec 9! Yes, it seems crazy in the internet era, but for our paper magazine to reach the girls you love on time, … Read more How to Get the Jan-Feb 2019 NMG Magazine

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