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Ursula’s Friend

Ursula says her friend Scout, 11, WA is a Beautiful Girl because: “of the stories she writes, how she’s always been my friend and shared everything with me and the imaginary games we used to play when we were little. Scout loves to read books, splash in her pool, and listen to music. She climbs […]

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Alexa’s Best Friend

Alexa says her best friend, Maya, 10, NY, is a Beautiful Girl because . . . she is kind to everyone she meets even if they are not the nicest person. She stands up for herself and her friends and has a lot of interests including baking, singing, writing books or short stories and playing […]

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Books for Beautiful Girls

In celebration of our annual Beautiful Girls issue of New Moon Girls magazine, this month’s recommendations feature books about beautiful girls like you — girls who are beautiful just for being themselves. Folktales for Fearless Girls Many fairy tales focus on how pretty, obedient, or quiet girls are … but there is more to the […]

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Lacey Recommends Books for Beautiful Girls

Every year, we celebrate inner beauty with our Beautiful Girls magazine issue, and you can keep the celebration going with these books for beautiful girls! At New Moon Girls, we believe what REALLY makes a girl beautiful is what’s inside — her courage, smarts, determination, sense of humor, and unique personality. This month’s books feature […]