emotional and social connection through classic New Moon Girls magazines

Right now, we all need extra emotional and social support everywhere we can find them. Our magazine has intentionally provided emotional and social connection to our readers for 28 years so far. Each issue is full of content that is purposely created to connect with our worldwide readers in a timeless way.

The content from even our earliest issues still resonates deeply with the developmental emotional and social needs of kids, especially in the stress of lockdown due to coronavirus. Even in non-pandemic times we hear often from readers who save and reread, over and over, every issue they have of NMG.

They say that especially during tough times it gives them comfort, hope, a feeling of belonging, and soothing. They feel genuinely connected to writers and subjects they’ve never met. And in the process of reading, they learn so much about themselves and others.

Wanting to help you by sharing what we do best, we’ve done a lot of scanning and are offering below a FREE downloadable pdf of a precious back issue from 1994. That was our first full year of publication. It’s great reading for girls, boys and adults. It’s our gift to you. And a gift you can share freely with others who will enjoy the gift, too.

We all need more emotional and social connection without spreading the virus. There’s no such thing as too much during this time. We hope you’ll hop into the wayback machine with us and enjoy this full magazine from when we were called New Moon: The Magazine for Girls and Their Dreams.

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January-February 1994: Rites of Passage