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Example Illustration Plan

Remember, New Moon Girls Magazine publishes art, creative writing, and non-fiction writing by girls ages 8 to 14. This form example is for a department or feature illustration. If you want to submit finished artwork, upload it now with the Girls Get Published Form. If you want to contribute writing, CLICK HERE to check out reporter opportunities.

If you need help creating your illustration plan, ask a family member, teacher, or friend and create one that looks like this example:

The department or feature I am creating art for is: Example: Howling at the Moon

I will use these tools to create my illustration: Example: I will create my sketch on paper using colored pencils. Then, I’ll fill it in with watercolor paints.

Once you get started, do you think you can finish your illustration within 2 Weeks? Example: Yes OR Example: No. I have exams at school in the next 2 weeks. But I can send my completed illustration by this date: August 1

Here’s a description of my illustration idea (optional: include a first draft/sketches): Example: I will draw a picture of a girl with short, curly brown hair, standing next to a gray wolf. Both of them are looking up at a night sky with stars and a full moon. I’m uploading sketches of both my ideas!

I want to make this many illustrations: Example: 1 (Note: There isn’t always enough space on the magazine page to publish every illustration idea. But you can create as many as you want — and we’ll publish as many as we can!!)

Is your Artist Photo ready? Example: Yes! I’m uploading it with my permission form and outline!

I want my Artist Bio to say: Example: Jamaya, 11, NJ loves fishing with her grandpa and basically everything outdoors. If she has to be inside, she likes playing Roblox and loves making unusual art. Someday, she might consider joining a Mars colony.

Do YOU have YOUR illustration plan ready? GREAT!

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