What’s Your Mission?

We serve girls, parents and allies with our award-winning, ad-free New Moon Girls magazine and resources for adults who care about girls. We’re a family-owned small business, launched in 1992 by a team of girls and adults led by our co-founders, Nancy Gruver and Joe Kelly.

How do I get New Moon Girls?

Easy! Order memberships and buy single copies right here. We ship anywhere on earth.
Own or run an independent bookstore (we love you already!) and want to carry NMG? Email us.

What exactly does NMG do?

  • Publish girl-created, award-winning, advertising-free New Moon Girls magazine.
  • Provide expert resources for adults who care about girls.
  • Help parents and allies support, understand and nurture close relationships with girls through the turbulent tween and teen years.

Who are NMG members?

They are amazing girls ages 8 & up, from all over the world. A girl and her parents decide when she’s ready to join. Many parents read NMG to tune into girls’ lives. Women read it to feed their inner girls!

Why girls, and why now?

We still live in sexist and media-saturated times, where girls are torn between what they dream for themselves and what society expects of them.

Our culture bombards them with stereotypes, hyper-sexualization, disrespect, harassment and inequality. In order to survive these pressures, girls often set aside their ambitions and lose touch with their inner self as tweens and teens. They try to cope by silencing their authentic voices underground.

Participating in NMG strengthens—and can help restore—girls’ relationships with themselves and others. Every day, our members use emotional support, self-expression and healthy resistance to stay deeply connected to their true interests, abilities, hopes, and to one another. They help each other express and value their  emotions, unique talents and intellect. They empathize, and problem solve together, creating meaningful bonds even when their lives, beliefs and opinions differ. Research shows that this helps girls stay deeply connected to their true interests, abilities, and hopes.

Why does NMG seem more expensive than some kid’s magazines?

It’s because we don’t accept any advertising. Ad-driven media is “cheaper” but costs our daughters a fortune. Ads repeatedly tell girls that how they look, and what others think of them, is more important than who they are. We value girls too much to subject them to propaganda like that.

How can I help New Moon Girls?

Help spread the word! Tell everyone you know about New Moon Girls and encourage them to get memberships. Word-of-mouth keeps us going. Buy gift memberships for girls, libraries, schools, and girl-serving organizations around the world. Since we don’t accept advertising, membership revenues pay all the costs. We depend on members, fans, and supporters like you! Oh, and you can volunteer, too. Thanks for asking!

Are you environmentally responsible?

You bet, and we have always been. Our paper magazine is uses recycled paper with soy ink. We don’t send postal mail renewal notices or promotions. We love trees unabashedly! And we regularly feature girl & woman environmental sheroes and projects.

Where do you stand on children’s screen and online time?

We’re a longtime partner of the Campaign for Commercial-Free Childhood (which runs the annual Screen-Free Week for families). We want parents to be deeply involved in their daughter’s screen time and to help her learn how to use the internet safely and responsibly.

What if my question isn’t in the FAQs?

Give us a shout at Contact Us! And/or check out our “read the small print” Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions and Refund Policy.