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Luna’s Earth Challenge

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From Udeeta, 12, India

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On Earth Day I planted three saplings in my school. I will be planting more trees. Whenever I see anyone polluting the Earth and cutting trees, I will stop him. I will encourage all girls to plant trees.
I will ask them to do whatever action they can take against pollution and deforestation.

Here’s a story I wrote after seeing deforestation in a large scale in the news Channel:

Even a Leaf Matters
One day, when I was cycling back to my home, I saw a person with an axe. I was confused and stopped cycling. I wanted to know what that person was about to do with the axe.
He walked a few steps further and I too followed him. I saw he was standing in front of a huge and beautiful building. I got to know that it was a hotel. The manager ordered the man to cut a huge mango tree which was standing in front of the hotel. I was shocked to hear that.
I went to the man and got to know the name of the manager, James. I went to MR. James and asked him to stop the cutting of the tree. He said that the mango tree was ruining the beauty of his hotel. I was surprised at his thoughts.
I told him that he should not cut trees like these. He added, “I am cutting just one tree. What is the difference in nature if I cut only one tree?”
I looked at him for a few seconds and then took a deep breath. I started, “Each tree is important to us. Each leaf of each tree releases water more its own weight through the process of transpiration. This water gets evaporated (turns into water vapor) and then it precipitates (rains). The amount of precipitation depends upon the amount of transpiration. Don’t you now agree that even one leaf matters?”
He was quiet. I continued, “You will cut one tree and do you think that nobody is cutting trees other than you. Do you know 7 billion trees are cut down each year around the world. This will have a huge impact on nature. Don’t you agree?”
He nodded and said, “I have not thought of all these things. I am so sorry.” I said, “Besides all the impacts in nature, the mango tree gives us mangoes and also is a nice point for the guests to click photos.”
I looked at the watch to see the time, I saw it was 2:30pm. I was already late. I bid him goodbye. He repented and promised me that he would use the huge tree for decoration and will never cut trees. I smiled and went back home cycling.

-Udeeta, 12, India

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