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Procrastinate Much? Cool Info and Reporter Opportunity!

Hey New Moon Girl! Have you ever been called “a procrastinator”? Or been told, “Stop procrastinating!”?

“Procrastinating” is doing something else as a delay to getting a task done. So, like drawing or going to play outside when we are supposed to be finishing our homework.

It feels *bad* to be called a procrastinator! But it turns out we all might have the wrong idea: Procrastinating might not be a bad thing at all! A little delay and doing something else might be helping your brain!!!

New research says that when your brain needs to solve a hard problem or complete a challenging task, spending some time doing something ELSE first is best! In experiments, people who left their tasks to do something else had better, more creative results when they went back and completed the hard task. And people who did something that got their body and brain working, but wasn’t *too* hard – something like baking cookies, washing their dog, or making a drawing – had the best results!

Isn’t that pretty awesome!?! Wow, our brains are so interesting. And researchers learn new things about them all the time!

If you are curious about this topic, you can learn more here. This article has a high reading level, so ask an adult to help you read and talk about it if it’s hard to understand.

AND this is a great reporting opportunity for NMG Magazine! Calling all NMG Reporters! Would you like to write a Body & Mind Department Article or a Special Feature Article about this topic for the Fall: Living and Loving or Winter: Lights in the Darkness issue? Tell us about your interest or submit a draft article that’s between 275 to 675 words through the Girls_Get_Published form!

Remember, if you signed up to be a reporter or illustrator, that’s AWESOME. That means we have your contact info on file. But if you never signed up, no worries! ANY girl ages 8 to 14 can be a reporter or illustrator for NMG at any time. Just send your writing, art contribution, or a description of the article you would like to write through THE_FORM!

Thanks for being your amazing you! I can’t wait to see what you send! . . . But go “procrastinate” a little first! ~Love, Editor Autumn ????