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Have you wondered why the default way for girls to learn how to interact and communicate respectfully and safely online is by osmosis, from their peers?

We have. We think it’s risky and unnecessary.  We don’t leave it up to other kids to teach them how to eat healthy or ride a bike safely or make sure they get vaccinations!

It’s why we built the New Moon Girls Online Community very differently from other websites for girls ages 10+.

Unlike other sites for tween and early teen girls we provide safety nets for girls learning how to interact respectfully and safely online. They’re not born knowing this and that sets them up for problems and risks if they don’t have anywhere to learn the dos and don’ts.

Our Safety Nets are:

  • Parents create their daughter’s account and can log in anytime to see what’s in her account.
  • Posts are reviewed and moderated by specially trained adult volunteers.
  • Parents and girls are contacted and offered helpful resources if moderators see anything seriously concerning about possible depression, abuse, harassment , bullying or self-harm. This happens very rarely but we don’t just let it go by unnoticed.
  • No bullying or hate speech of any kind is allowed.
  • Coaching from older teen Sister To Sister mentors to girls on how to be supportive of each other.
  • Coaching in how to disagree respectfully without making any personal attacks.
  • Coaching in how to distinguish between facts, beliefs and opinions when posting.

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