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How Aggravating

See something unfair? Hear something disrespectful? Bothered by a problem in the world? Big, small, or in between, speak out about it!

You can share your How Aggravating story in writing, and/or create How Aggravating artwork. Contributions will be published online after being reviewed by a moderator, or in print in New Moon Girls Magazine!

One night, I watched a movie called “The Sand Lot” with my Dad and some friends. The movie was about a group of boys that played baseball. I loved the movie except for one thing, in the movie the boys had some rivals and they were shooting bad comments at each other. One of the comments was, “YOU PLAY LIKE A GIRL!” That really bothered me. It means girls are weak. If they think girls are not strong, they should watch the movies ” Raya and the Last Dragon”, “Mulan”, “Aladdin”, “Frozen”, and “Frozen 2”! Cause the belief that girls are weak, is just wrong. ~Eden, 9, NY

All the shows I watch feature girls with tiny waists! The boys have pretty normal proportions and that is completely wrong! it makes girls think that they have to starve themselves so that they look like their tv. Every one should be shown with a stomach that at least doesn’t stick in. Ughh! Ursula, 9, WA

The other day, after my brother’s baseball practice, we got pizza from this delicious pizzeria. There was this man and his friend (who was a girl!) outside and suddenly, a random girl with sporty tights and a tighter t-shirt was walking by this guy, who was overly cocky by the way, and so he whistled and rubbed his chin, while looking at the girl in an inappropriate way. I honestly felt like yelling at him. Don’t men know that we’re HUMANS not OBJECTS? This man was so disrespectful. The woman ran away, because she felt so uncomfortable. He was laughing after, and making kissing noises. This woman deserves to be treated with respect as do ALL WOMEN! I’m just so appalled, so sorry if I’m ranting… I just can’t believe people are not dealing with and/or fixing this issue enough! When I grow up, I don’t want that to happen to me! I don’t want to feel pressured, unsafe, and stuck! I’m sure you other NMG girls definitely don’t want that, too… So I urge all of you girls to stay informed and prepared on self defense mechanisms because in our world, they really do matter. Hugs and Safety/Respect Wishes, Mason, 13, OR

I am so annoyed, because the other day at school, there was a crazy sexist incident that I couldn’t resist sharing with all of you.
Ok, so let’s start! (By the way, this mainly happened to my friend)
There’s this male teacher (I’ll call him Mr. Bob) and Mr. Bob has always been pretty strict, and rude at times. On this particular day, we were working on a worksheet for Math. But, he gave us girls a different one than the boys. We asked why, because it looked too easy. He started laughing and said, “Well, why not? You are a girl, and girls need something easier. When you stay at home, and cook and clean when you’re older, you can’t do hard stuff.”
How is this even acceptable?! Just because we’re girls doesn’t mean we can’t participate in a challenge! We are ALL so gifted, and Mr. Bob is wrong! ~Mason, 13, OR

A guy at my school keeps making sexist jokes about Women on top of other hateful, and hurtful things. When I and a group of other people brought this up to the staff they barely did anything! Not only that but this school also has a history of ignoring these types of issues despite claiming to be diverse and accepting. Society as a whole has ignored not only Women but every minority’s issues which is why we are taking this to the head of school. Don’t be afraid to speak up and speak out about the problems in your community because you can make a change!
~ All the best, Onyx, 12, US

My basketball coach is sexist. When we first got to the all-girl basketball clinic, he pointed to the line that separates the court from the viewing side, and said, “when you’re on THIS side of the line, you can be as girly-girl as you want to be. You can sit under rainbows, and write poetry about unicorns. But when you’re on THIS side of the line, you can’t be a girl. You have to be a basketball player.”
What? It’s like he took every stereotype he find about girls, and mashed them into one weird thing: sitting under rainbows, writing poetry about unicorns. That is not what girls do! Also, girls ARE basketball players. We don’t have to stop being girls to be athletic and aggressive.
This coach is also weirdly rough and careless when he touches the girls in my group. When he thinks that I’m doing something wrong, he comes up behind me, grabs me around the waste, and physically pushes and moves me into what he thinks is the right position. Once, he was doing a demonstration of how to do something in basketball, and he grabbed the girl nearest him and used her as a puppet. He positioned her arms and legs and shoved her around like she was a doll, while the girl just looked confused and frightened. ~Coco, 13, CA

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