Keeping NMG’s Girls Online Community Safe

How do we keep NMG’s Girls’ Online Community ( ) safe?

For safety & security:

  • We require a girl’s parent or guardian to create the Girls Online Community ( account.
  • No last names or other Personally Identifiable Information are allowed.
  • Each girl’s account must be associated with a distinct parent/guardian email address. (E.g.: if two daughters want 2 accounts, each one must be set up with its own email address.)
  • ONLY NMG staff can approve a new account–which we do ONLY after reviewing its information to make sure it matches our subscription records.
  • By creating an account, the member and her family agree to honor our Member Content Rules & Responsibilities, which emphasize honesty, compassion, respect, creativity, and community.
  • We use a web platform with solid, built-in security.
  • We have a dedicated team of trained volunteers who moderate the site.
  • Each moderator must go through a background check before we send them any details about moderating the community.
  • Each pre-screened moderator must go through a detailed orientation before beginning to moderate.
  • Our moderation orientation includes guidance on identifying when a member mentions being despondent or depressed, shares thoughts of self-harming behavior, or indicates that she may be in danger of harm from others.
  • When we think a member is at risk of harm, we contact the member and her parent or other responsible adult to let them know. We encourage the member and her family in getting adequate support.

Whenever you have questions, send ’em our way. We like hearing from you!

Thank you for being part of our community of girls, parents and allies supporting each other, and building an equal world for all!


Nancy Gruver & Joe Kelly, New Moon Girls Co-Founders