Leap Month Special Offers + Jan-Feb Mailing Update

Jan-Feb Magazine Mailing Update

A mixup in the U.S. mailing labels at our printer means that many subscribers didn’t get the Jan-Feb issue of New Moon Girls when they should have (early January).

We caught the mistake in late January and our printer offered to reprint and remail to everyone who might have been affected.

The remailing was on Sat Feb 1. You should get your copy by Feb 11 in the continental U.S. or by Feb 21 in AK-HI.

If you end up with 2 copies of Jan-Feb, please share!

Give it to a friend, a neighbor, a teacher, a librarian, a coach, a girls org, a dentist or doctor office … you get the idea.
Your word-of-mouth and support are the special ingredient that keeps NMG flourishing and serving girls.

What if I still don’t get the 2nd mailing?

If Feb 11 or 21 come and you still haven’t gotten a copy of the Jan-Feb 2020 issue with this cover, click here to message us about this.

It will help us figure out the problem to include in your message all the information about who paid for the subscription, plus the name and full address the magazine should be mailed to.

Leap Month Specials – 50% off any or all thru 2-29-19

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