Living and Loving

We need YOUR contributions for the Fall Issue!

What does the theme Living and Loving mean to you? Send your contributions by June 15, 2021 to be considered for the magazine or anytime for

Here are some of the ideas you’ve shared so far:

  • LGBTQ2S+ rights
  • For the love of animals
  • All different kinds of families
  • Losing someone or something you love
  • Living well on the earth, loving the earth
  • Living and loving our differences

Do you have something related to these topics to share? Do you have different ideas to add to the Living and Loving theme?

Write it! Draw it! Photograph it! Make a fun movie trailer (well . . . that can’t be printed in the magazine, but it can be shared on!) Remember, we love to see your creativity. Come up with your own idea for ways to share your voice!

And remember, every issue of NMG also has these regular departments. You can contribute for these departments anytime, no matter what the theme:

  • Meet a Member – Tell New Moon Girls about you
  • Shining Star – Tell us about a time you shared New Moon with a friend
  • Ideas Please! – Your ideas on what New Moon should feature next
  • Dear Luna – Anything and everything you want to tell Luna
  • Voice Box – Your response to our latest opinion poll
  • Ask a Girl – Give and get advice
  • Body & Mind – Contribute your article or idea about health, well-being, body development, etc.
  • Our Earth – Contribute your article or idea about environmental topics, animals, and the earth
  • For the Curious – Are you curious about it? Is it interesting to you? New Moon Girls will probably be curious too!
  • Global Village – Contribute your article or idea about life in different places and cultures
  • Go Girl – From sports to activism, girls are on the move doing amazing things. Share a story of a girl on the go!
  • Check it Out – Contribute a review for a book, movie, activity or something else
  • Herstory – Contribute your article about an influential or inspiring woman from history
  • Women’s Work – Tell us about a woman doing interesting work in the world
  • Fiction
  • Luna’s Art Gallery
  • Poetry
  • How Aggravating – There’s so much unfairness in the world! Shout about it!
  • Howling at the Moon – There’s also so much amazing, inspiring stuff in the world. Howl about that!
  • Last Word – Every issue ends with some wisdom and inspiration from women past or present. Who do you think should have the last word and why?