Giving Girls the Freedom to Be Themselves

Do you want to nurture and support a safe social network for girls ages 8 and up; one committed to respect, honesty, and empathy?
You can by volunteering as an Adult Moderator for NMG’s Girls Online Community. (And you don’t even have to leave your house!)

We designed this vibrant, alternative online community for girls because kids aren’t ready for adult social media. With help from our Moderators, the Girls Online Community:

* Supports girls in real life and guides them to support each other
* Helps girls make themselves heard through writing, artwork, discussions boards, games, advice, poetry, fiction, crafts, reviews and much more
* Stays safe, secure, and honest about girls’ bodies, changes, health, questions about growing up, and more
* Celebrates Games, Opinions, Advice, Art, Poetry, Fiction, Crafts, Reviews & much more – all by girls!
* Is a Real, Respectful, Inclusive & Fun community
* Gives Girls the Freedom to Be Themselves

Moderating is fun and sometimes challenging. It is essential to our girl members, and you can do it from home, or wherever you have Internet access.  Plus, moderating always gives us the gift of insight into what girls experience, think and feel.

Our moderators commit to moderating at least 2 hours a week—and many of them do more, because it’s interesting. Our schedule has 3 “shifts” (morning, midday, and evening) every day of the year.

As we’re sure you understand, since you’ll be working with young girls, we do a background check for our new volunteers. This simply involves getting some basic information about you, and usually involves no inconvenience on your end.

Once you’re on board, we connect you with our great training tools (detailed written & illustrated instructions—along with short training videos) to get you started and keep you going. We also have moderation coordinators ready to answer any questions.

Join us (and the wonderful community of girls) by volunteering now!
Thank you so much,
Nancy Gruver & Joe Kelly
Co-Founders, New Moon Girls

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