Congratulations! Your daughter has been chosen as a candidate for New Moon Girls “Girl of the Year” annual feature. The annual Girl(s) of the Year feature recognizes girls for using their voices and talents in ways that contribute to their community and can make positive change in the world. By sharing their stories, Girls of the Year inspire other girls to use their own voices and talents in the world.

Final publication decisions regarding Girl(s) of the Year are made annually in January, with Girl(s) of the Year appearing in the Spring issue of New Moon Girls. Your daughter’s story may also be selected for publication at a different time of year depending on issue theme. You will receive an email notification from New Moon Girls in advance of publication and your daughter will receive complimentary copies of the magazine issue in which she is featured.

Thank you for supporting your daughter’s voice, journey, and contributions. Please fill out this permission form completely to allow New Moon Girls to print your daughter’s story and likeness in an upcoming issue. Thank you!