Parent Set Up Your Girls Online Community Account

Creating an account in  NMG’s Girls Online Community requires several important steps to secure each girl’s privacy & safety. (We take safety and security very seriously.)

It starts by having the PARENT or Guardian creating the account.

We’ve broken the process down to 4 Parts (below). Please go one step at a time, and it won’t take long to complete the process.

Part One: Creating the Account

  1. Parent/guardian: click on this link to create the Girls Online Community account for your girl. Please follow all of these guidelines:
    • For safety and security, girls are not permitted to set up their own accounts. You must create the account.
    • Use your most-checked email address, so we can contact you with any membership questions or concerns.
    • Remember the password you create; your girl will need it to log into the site
    • You can also log-in to the Girls Online Community, should you want or need to check on anything.
    • NMG does not share email addresses with any outside organizations.
  2. Type in the number(s) and/or word(s) in the image below the “Retype Password” field.
    • This “captcha” function protects our members by keeping Internet robots from creating accounts.
  3. Click the yellow Sign Up button at the bottom of the page.
    • Note: on some web browsers, the Sign Up button appears as a small yellow box without words. Go ahead and click it!
    • You’ll be taken to our ”Create Girl Member Profile on “My Page” (see Part Two, below).

Please Note: For safety and security, creating a account for a second girl requires purchasing a separate Girls Online Community membership–and creating a separate account (with a different Parent/Guardian email address). Log out of your first adult account, then click on this link  and follow the rest of our instructions. If needed, you can get additional, free email accounts from Gmail or Yahoo.

Part Two: Girl Profile

You must complete the “Create Girl Member Profile on NMG Members” form before NMG staff will approve your girl’s account and give her access to the online Girls Community.

Fill in every field with a “lock” symbol. Only NMG staff can see your family’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

  1. Member ID: Use the Order # in your emailed NMG receipt
    • If you can’t find it, Contact Us  so we can look it up for you.
  2. Girl First Name:  This name or moniker is visible to other Girls Community members. It can be her real first name, a nickname, or an invented name. Do not include last names, cities, or other Personally Identifiable Information!!!
  3. Girl First Name (real name): Her actual first name
  4. Girl Last Name (real name): Her actual last name
  5. Parent First Name: Parent or guardian responsible for this account.
  6. Parent Last Name: Parent or guardian responsible for this account.
  7. Parent Most-Checked Email: The same address used to create your account.
  8. Your girl can fill out the rest of the profile with you now (recommended), or finish it later when she logs in on her own.
  9. Click Join at the bottom of the profile to send the information to our staff for approval.
    • You’ll see a confirmation screen reading:  Your membership to NMG Members is pending approval.
    • In the unlikely case that you don’t see this message, Contact Us so we can address the problem.
    • Our staff usually approves online Girls Community accounts within 48 hours of submission.

We review each online account individually; accounts are not automatically approved.

Part Three: Account approval

  1. Once your girl’s online Girls Community account is approved, you will receive an email at your “parent/guardian most-checked email” address.
  2. If you don’t see the email within 48 hours, check your spam/marketing/junk folders – and add to your “not junk” or “safe senders” list.

Part Four: Get Her Going!!!!

As soon as our staff approves your girl’s account, she can log in and get started! Here are a few fun places for new members to explore:

  1. Go to “My Page” and choose Options > Edit profile, so she can finish or update her profile info.
  2. Visit the New Member Welcome page
  3. Check out our tips, FAQs and Member Rules & Responsibilities.
  4. Get her questions answered on Ask A Girl.
  5. Add her own creations at Share It!.
  6. Share her voice on one of our many Message Boards.