Mar-Apr 2017 Digital Mag “Stories, Stories, Everywhere”


Digital March/April 2017 magazine featuring:

  • “Meet Bethany — Girl of the Year”
  • Body and Feelings: How to Be a Body Pal
  • Ashley Remer and her awesome Girl Museum
  • Global Village: Daniela Dishes about the Philippines
  • For the Curious: Sydney shares her love of STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art, and math


Digital copy of our March/April 2017 magazine. Contents include:

  • Voice Box: Last Name Change?
  • Body and Feelings: How To Be a Body Pal
  • Just For Fun: Which Dragon Are You?
  • Girl of the Year: Bethany
  • Stories, Stories Everywhere!: Where Are You From?
  • Story Smorgasbord
  • Fiction: The Tuesdays
  • Women’s Work: Girls Make History Girl Museum
  • Global Village: Hi from the Philippines!
  • For The Curious: Steam On
  • Check It Out: Write On! Expert Advice
  • The Last Word: Nikki Giovanni, Tammy Duckworth, Clara Lemlich, Eleanor Roosevelt

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1 year, 2 years


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