Did You Find Our Goof?

Guess what, we goofed!

Did you notice it when you read your Jan-Feb 2018 magazine?

It has page 22 printed twice. :-0 We do think page 22 is great and worth reading twice!

But we didn’t print it twice on purpose. We forgot to print page 23. Oops.


We’re sorry and want to make it right.

Good news, though. You can print and/or read p. 23 (filled with fun math puzzles) by clicking right here: download page 23

Do you know that, in almost 25 years of publishing NMG, this is the first time it happened?   So far. 😉

And, as a special “sorry we goofed” treat, you can download a free digital copy of the Jan-Feb 18 issue: “Have It Your Way!” (Including p. 23 and all the other pages. Really. We double checked!)

Email it and/or print it out to share with friends, family, teachers, your local library, etc. and show them why you love New Moon Girls!

Thanks for being part of this awesome NMG Community, and appreciating that we all make mistakes. Remember: we survive our mistakes with each other’s help!


Helen Cordes, Editor & Nancy Gruver, Publisher