There’s upheaval in the world of girls magazines, and most high-quality media.

In the past month, both American Girl and Rookie magazines announced they’re shutting down. Soon, they and Discovery Girls will all be gone. Why is this happening now? Because publishing an outstanding print magazine in the rapidly changing economics of the magazine world isn’t easy. And it won’t be any easier in the future.

So how does New Moon Girls continue serving girls, parents, and allies today? And how can we commit to you that NMG will keep doing it in the future?

Well, back in 1992, we chose to set up the business side of NMG differently than other magazines. We believed that building a socially responsible, independent company (which accepts no ad/sponsor dollars) is the only way to stay true to our values and our mission of Giving Girls the Freedom to Be Themselves. We want to be totally accountable to our members and supporters, not to outside forces like ads/sponsors.

Our approach of depending on parents and allies who care about girls to pay the costs could make NMG seem expensive in comparison to other girls’ mags who charged subscribers less.

But the reality is that lower prices for other mags don’t cover the real cost to produce and mail those magazines. Most make up the substantial difference with revenue from ads/sponsors (who also influence the content). The internet is siphoning off ad/sponsor dollars, and therefore “lower-priced” magazines are closing.

Fortunately, there’s a silver lining for your girls in all this! NMG is protected from the changes that have brought others to a dead end because our work is made possible by the support we get directly from you.

You and your girl are critical partners in our stability.  Your orders and renewals have kept NMG alive through some very lean times, including the 2008 recession. It was touch and go there for several years, but your support, our frugal management, and our small-but-mighty staff and dedicated volunteers made it possible for us to survive that major challenge.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your deep commitment to a great magazine, for girls and by girls, a magazine that supports girls’ dreams for themselves, supports their sisterhood and supports recognizing and fighting injustice.

You and your girls are the reason we’re confident about the future. Our grassroots power and accountability allows us to continue making this crucial investment in girls and their growth.

Powered by you and others who care deeply about girls and justice, we pledge to continue making a better world with girls, for everyone. Alongside you, we have a strong future filled with sparking real change, spreading important news about girls’ lives, building community and Giving Girls the Freedom to Be Themselves!

As we look ahead to 2019, we’re sharing our confidence and deep gratitude by offering you and friends savings on all renewals and new orders before Jan 1, 2019. (For the first time since 2011, our price will rise. It becomes $43.95 per year in the US on Jan 2, 2019.)

Before Jan 2nd:

You save 3.00 when renewing or ordering a 1 year membership.

You save 19.98 when renewing or ordering a 2 year membership!

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  1. American Girl was discontinued and I miss it. Is this anything like this magazine? If it isn’t, then can you recommend any magazines that are like it? Thank you!

    1. New Moon Girls takes the same girl-positive approach as American Girl. If you’re looking for a magazine that doesn’t focus on appearance, diet, boys, etc., like many of the other magazines on the market for girls, NMG fills that niche. Unlike AG, it doesn’t have a product line that goes along with it, and the magazine is totally ad free. What makes it most unique is that the majority of the stories and articles are written by real girls ages 8-14, and it is also tied in with a supportive, safe online community for girls.

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