When Will I Get My Magazine?

With a membership that includes New Moon Girls magazine you have two choices:

  • the paper magazine, sent by mail
  • the e-mag, which you download directly from our website. It’s readable on mobile devices and computers

With Paper Magazine Memberships, Allow up to 18 weeks to Receive the First Mailed Copy

Because we publish NMG four times a year, the shortest possible time between your order and your subscription’s first mailed magazine is typically 4 to 5 weeks. (See the chart below.) You can always purchase a single copy of our current and/or back issues; we send these via 1st Class mail in the U.S. within 48 hours. (Outside the U.S., postage is extra and delivery takes longer.)

Why the wait?

1) Because of the many steps required to edit, design, proof, setup, print, label, sort, bundle, and mail the paper magazine.

2) Because we print and mail NMG once every three months.

We promise to mailed NMG on time. But we can’t guarantee when it will be delivered to you. It may arrive earlier or later than the dates in the Delivery Estimate column. Delivery outside the continental U.S. takes 2-3 weeks longer than in the U.S.

We work extremely hard to keep all of our records up to date. As you can imagine, we can’t control how the postal service delivers NMG. And, unless you tell us, we can’t know if you’ve moved! We are not responsible for magazines missed due to lack of timely address change notification (or incorrect information provided in your order). Because we publish quarterly, we require at least 8 weeks notice for address changes.

Renew Early!

We know you’d rather not miss any copies. Find the date of the last issue included in your membership in the mailing address area on your most recent magazine.  Be sure to renew at least 6 weeks before the date of your last issue. We email renewal reminders  several times before a membership expires. Be sure to “white-list” all emails from help@newmoongirls.com so they don’t go to a spam folder.

But I Need the Paper Magazine Right Away for a Gift or Event – What Do I Do?

To be sure you’ll receive copies of the paper edition before a specific date:

1) Order single paper copies of an issue that’s already printed. Our content doesn’t go out-of-date, and we have limited quantities of many back issues available at this link. We’ll ship the single copy to you or gift recipients by first class mail. (Outside the U.S., postage is extra and delivery takes longer.)

2) If you want more than 10 copies of a particular issue, email help@newmoongirls.com so we can check to be sure we have the quantity you want.

Schedule for Paper Magazine Mailing  & E-mag Delivery