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The original advice column that’s by girls, for girls. Ask your tough questions. Get advice from other girls your age. Share your wisdom. Be there for each other. Questions and answers appear here after they are reviewed by a moderator. And remember: some questions and answers are chosen for each issue of New Moon Girls Magazine!!!

New Question from Scared, 10, NY

I’m going to middle school next year. This may sound kind of childish, but I’m sort of scared. I feel like I’m not even going to make it through the year. Do you have any advice for me?

Your Advice for Scared

Don’t worry, It seems really scary at first the first day of school when you meet all of the teachers and students you will realize it isn’t that bad, i mean the work might be harder when you get into middle school but it isn’t that scary, if your scared then just take a deep breath and know that you’re gonna make it through this, you are gonna make new friends. Good luck in middle school (when you get to middle school the teachers stop treating you like a baby BTW lol) -Adeline, 12, DE

Dear Scared, you don’t have to be so scared of going into a middle school. When we think about something, it seems to be very hard and frightening but when we are doing that task, it seems to be much easier. Don’t worry about your studies so much you will be able to study with ease. Scared, you just have to remember that if anything wrong happens with you at school, you have inform about it to your parents or any elder who can help you out of the situation. -Udeeta, 12, India

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New Question from Brianna, 11, USA

Sometimes i feel invisible during class, in a family of 4, at a camp, anywhere really. It’s starting to get on my nerves. I don’t know what to do……… I also have another problem, I started puberty not so long ago and i’m a little scared if i get my period at school…..

Your Advice for Brianna

Hey, Brianna! I’m the youngest in my family of five, and I’ve often felt invisible with friends and family. What I tend to find is that they don’t intend it, and if you turn to them and say, “I sometimes feel like you’re ignoring me,” they’ll try harder. Say it in a lighthearted way, so you don’t seem mad at them. As for your period, remember you can always make a (temporary) pad out of toilet paper folded up thick. I got my period recently, and it wasn’t too bad. It might shake you up a bit at first, but just take a couple deep breaths. Good luck! -Ruthy, 12, MI

I’m sorry! With the feeling invisible thing…. talk to someone about how your feeling. Join a team or group. Talk and make people listen to you. And about the period… I haven’t gotten mine yet either, and I’m scared of the same thing. But just carry pads/tampons around with you and tell your teacher if you feel comfortable doing so. -Moonbear, 12, CA

Dear Brianna, you don’t have to worry about periods. It is a totally natural phenomenon. You just have to carry a sanitary pad and make sure that you tell your class teacher if you feel anything wrong. -Udeeta, 12, India

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New Question from Hansa, 9, India:

Hi! Um.. I like to umm… write stories about adventure. I mean, they don’t get published but I like doing that. And, for many days I just don’t get good ideas. People tell me it shouldn’t be perfect, but… I really want it to be. I-I wanna post my stories on the net, get some fans and maybe even win a competition. I want to be something, I want to be remembered for my books. But it’s like I’m falling into an abyss of nothing. Can you help me, please?

Your Advice for Hansa

That happens to me too, I also really like to write adventure stories I want to be an author and be known for my books as well. And I totally get how people say it doesn’t have to be perfect when you really want it to be perfect. I will have a story idea and then begin writing, before I know it I have written the beggining about three different times because the other begginings weren’t exactly what I wanted them to be. My advice to you is to let ideas come to you, that’s what the author Kate DiCamillo does and sometimes I’ll just come up with a story idea out of nowhere. Or begin with some characters and start to write a story, ideas may come to you that way as well, Sometimes I will write down some characters and start writing a plan for what will happen in my story, a light bulb can occasionally turn on in my head and I start to get ideas for my stories. What if this person is secretly _____? Then they meet____. If this doesn’t work for you though, that’s totally okay. -Bea, 11, MN

Hi, Hansa. When I read that, it all felt so, so familiar. I love writing stories so much – writing is pretty much my life! But I badly want to win competitions; publish books, and more. My advice? Send stories to NMG! It’s an excellent way to try to get published. Keep trying, and keep sending stuff in. Plus, libraries, etc., often have contests you can enter.
As for falling into an abyss of nothing? Just reading that sentence tells me you’re a good writer! I love the way you described it, and it explains how pretty much every writer sometimes feels. Just go with the flow. If something comes to mind, start writing! And fanfiction is a good way to have something to start with, if you can’t think of a starter.
You don’t need fame to be an amazing author. I know that doesn’t necessarily feel that good, but I just want to tell you. Writing is about YOU, and if you enjoy writing, then keep writing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just keep trying. I have faith that someday you will achieve your dream. – Ruthy, 12, MI (I’m a passionate author, who dreams of publishing books. It’s my biggest dream. When I saw Hansa’s letter, I related so strongly, and I immediately felt compelled to respond, if only to say that there are other girls out there fighting through the same thing she is.)

Dear Hansa, you should ask various friends and relatives to read your write up and give suggestions. Once, various people review your stories, you will know what people like to read and according to that you can make changes and write more stories. You can also ask your teachers for advice. In this way, though it might take some time, your write ups will become ‘perfect’. And yes, for the search of good topics, you should spend time alone and be an observant. Hansa, I am sure that your stories will get selected by some magazine one day and when its published, do not forget to share with us! -Udeeta, 12, India

I’ve had writers block many times! One thing that helps me is to take a walk (anywhere!) to get some inspiration. Even walking through my kitchen can spark an idea! -Christine, 10, NY

Hey Hansa! I have been in the SAME EXACT position before! Let’s start with the perfect part: If you really want it to be perfect why not ask a few friends or family to read your story? They can give you advice and what they think! Some great places to post stories is on [#NoteFromModeratorAutumn – the website name and link was removed because a lot of this site’s content is not for the 8 to 14 age group of New Moon Girls]. -Brianna, 11, USA

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Question from Procrastinating, 12, Uzbekistan:

I’ve been struggling with procrastination a lot lately. I always feel like there is something better to do, or I’m just not in the mood for doing homework. I get so many school assignments each week that I’m overwhelmed. Can I have some advice please? -Procrastinating, 12, Uzbekistan

Your Advice for Procrastinating:

Dear Procrastinating, I totally know how you feel! One solution is to take breaks. You could do an assignment for some time, then do something you enjoy! Just make sure it doesn’t distract you from your work. This may help you persevere through your work! -Christine, 10, NY

Dear Procrastinating, I too struggled with procrastination but a the last year only I realized that procrastination can lose many good opportunities in life. So, I wrote motivational quotes on the front page of my notebooks and also on the walls of my studying room. I also started to listen to motivational songs each morning. This helped me a lot and I would advice you too to try the same. I think this would help in your case too. -Udeeta, 12, India

Dear Procrastinating, Wow, do I relate! Having a parent remind you about your work actually helps. And I recommend asking parents or siblings to help with the homework itself, too. Having it explained by a real person makes everything infinitely easier. I’ll look at a math problem and think “I can’t do this.” Then, with a parent’s help, I’ll get it in five minutes!
Try to make work more enjoyable. For instance, do it while listening to favorite music (maybe not lyrical, though, you may end up singing along!). Or do it outside when the weather is nice. Try to work towards a goal, such as deciding to finish all your homework in one subject. Simplifying your work by just doing it subject by subject helps to prevent feeling overwhelmed. Good luck! <3 -Ruthy, 12, MI

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