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Girls grow up with so many influences from friends, popular culture, school, religion, media and more. But none of those approach the powerful influence we have as parents, step-parents, and adult allies like extended family, teachers, coaches, youth workers and more in raising girls.

This part of our site is  where we serve your needs with sharing, connection, inspiration, practical problem solving, and empathy. Raising girls changes every day. This is the community for adults raising girls.

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We’re putting our rich library of articles on girls’ development, communication, health, popular culture, education, family life, friends, and more by experts, parents, and girls online, week by week. Get inspired, get insight, get practical tips that have helped others. New articles are added every week.  Interested in submitting a piece about girls and your experiences with them? You can do that here.

Ways to volunteer with our girls’ online community and just about anything you have a talent in and would like to give back with.

Special short surveys so we get your opinions on the same topics that we ask girls about. Usually one a month is posted.  We share the results, and many other important topics with you in Nancy’s & Joe’s blogs. It’s fascinating to see where the opinions of  girls and parents match up, overlap and diverge.

Nancy also shares her recommendations on how to listen to and talk with girls about these hot button topics, based on her book, How To Say It to Girls: Communicating with Your Growing Daughter.

Joe’s bestselling books are the classic Dads & Daughters: How To Inspire, Understand, and Support Your Daughter  and  The Dads & Daughters Togetherness Guide: 54 Fun Activities to Help Build a Great Relationship.

Coming soon are even more ways to help you strengthen your relationship with the special girls in your life: webinars, online courses, parent-daughter workshops.

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