For Parents, Teachers, Librarians and Allies

We’ve learned that the way NMG moderates kids content is one of the most crucial things we do. After all, creating a secure, supportive, and age-appropriate online environment for 8 to 14 years olds is our passion.

As a result, we have human moderators instead of algorithms. Our moderators are specially-trained pre-screened adults. In addition they demonstrate a strong commitment to supporting the age group.

This is why girls feel good about being themselves when they read NMG. They also feel good by participating, questioning, creating, and supporting each other. Their parent, guardian or other caring adult can buy an individual membership for a girl or gender-diverse youth. That way they can join a supportive community of their peers.

Libraries, schools, girls organizations, faith groups and other girl-serving groups can buy pdf download subscriptions to make issues of NMG magazine available to the girls and gender-diverse youth they serve.

Of course, every 8 to 14 year old can contribute content to NMG with the permission of their parent or guardian. But when they have an individual membership they can post comments inside the online magazine.

In this respectful and caring community, they can learn to value their own and others’ creative expression. They can also feel prepared to engage in the complex world they live in with greater confidence and resilience.

For NMG, there’s no middle ground. Full moderation is the key to ensuring an online environment where each child is encouraged, their wellbeing is protected. And most importantly their thoughts and creations are valued and respected.

From the Moderators to New Moon Girls

Dear Amazing New Moon Girls:

We know it’s hard to wait for your writing and art contributions to appear. We do our best to review and post them as soon as possible, but we are a small team. It can take a few days for your contribution to be posted online and a few months for something to be in an issue of the online magazine.

We Moderators Promise To:

Respect and value you and your voice.

Do our best to stay true to your voice as we moderate.

Do our best to publish your contribution as fast as possible, and . . .

Hope you will continue to participate and share what you create!

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