watercolor painting of a butterly by 8-year-old Tang.

Contribute your handmade or digital art or craft in any medium: drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, prints, photography, yarn, weaving, jewelry-making, ceramics, papier mache and more. 

Mason, 13, OR

This photograph was one I took of a beautiful pink flower in my garden!

Maya, 10, NY

Crystal, 12, ON

We took photos and videos of community/global issues. In this photo, the black drops of paint in the water represent an oil spill. I spent over an hour trying to capture this shot!

Clara, 10, ON

This is my drawing of a girl with a necklace and flowers in her hair. I drew her with 3 different types of pencils, and a special drawing tool called a blending stub!

Gracey, 12, NM

Raina, 13, MI

Tang, 8, FL

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