Lehansa, 13, AK

“Let all that you do be done in love.”

Mason, 13, OR

This photograph was one I took of a beautiful pink flower in my garden!

Kate, 11, NC

This is my favorite quote, so I incorporated it into this drawing.

Hansa, 9, India

Riya, 10, India

The Well

Sofia, 13, PA

You Are Beautiful

Lana, 13, CA

Maya, 10, NY

Crystal, 12, ON

This photo was taken during a program at my school. We took photos and videos of community/global issues. In this photo, the black drops of paint in the water represent an oil spill. I spent over an hour trying to capture this shot!

Clara, 10, ON

This is my drawing of a girl with a necklace and flowers in her hair! I drew her with 3 different types of pencils, and a special drawing tool called a blending stub!

Gracey, 12, NM

Raina, 13, MI

Tang, 8, FL