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Caption This!

Ju, 13, PA shared this funny photo – Thank you, Ju!!!

OMG! There’s a tiny child! -Sonia, 14, Ontario


What??? No, I wasn’t the one who stole that tuna! (I have a cat and she loves tuna, and when she does a bad thing she looks like that. I thought it would be funny to put something like that, and since I love New Moon Girls, I decided that this was perfect!) -Natalia, 11, CA

Help! I don’t want to bathe! -Udeeta, 12, India

Oh heck, where did all my snacks go??? -Lily, 11, OR

Ruthy, 12, MI shared this funny photo – Thank you, Ruthy!!!

No, we weren’t play-fighting. . . -Natalia, 11, CA

Ok! Ok! You win! I give up! -Lily, 11, OR

Help me, Mom! -Ju, 13, PA

Charlie, 9, RI shared this funny photo – Thank you, Charlie!!!

Aha! Gotcha. -Natalia, 11, CA

Hide and seek masters! -Clover, 10, IN

Me vs my 15 missing assignments! -Jenna, 12, NY

Hello? Hello? Anyone home? -Lily, 11, OR

Why are siblings so annoying? The moment I find a good hideout, someone’s asking to share it! -Ruthy, 12, MI

“Come out now! It is my time to rest inside this cozy packet!” -Udeeta, 12, India