diverse girls together on top of the earth
painting by Alison Aune

For Girls

Dear New Moon Girl

You are AWESOME.  I’m amazed every day by how you go out in the world and be you. You’re a courageous girl who brings your whole self – your feelings, thoughts, body, and spirit – to everything you do.

That’s why you inspire me. I love seeing you and your perspective on the world in our online magazine.

Who is Luna?

You mean so much to me because I’m the spirit of NMG.  And I’ve been around since NMG began in 1992. I love to be here for every girl who needs someone to listen. You can write to me about anything at Dear Luna.

Lucky me, you share what you love, who inspires you, and the creative heights of your imagination!!

Get Involved With NMG

I invite you to contribute your stories, poems, opinions, art, and photos to NMG.  Make drawings, paintings, and digital art of Luna Tics (yep, they’re named for me!) and for my Art Gallery online and in the magazine.

Tell us about yourself in Meet A Member. Share your adventures in Go Girl. Ask other members for advice on confusing, difficult, and embarrassing stuff in Ask A Girl. And give supportive advice to each other there, too.

Give your honest opinions in polls about important issues. You show respect and compassion even for people you disagree with. You listen to them and think things through, and are willing to consider changing your mind.

Feelings and Thoughts Are Important to Me

Your feelings are powerful and help keep you in touch with your inner self. You tell me that you hate injustice and do what you can to make the world better for everyone. I see how you stand together in sisterhood with those who are not treated fairly.

You like to learn the stories of women and girls from the past and present and worldwide. Women and girls have been left out of history, textbooks, movies, games, politics, business, science, arts, awards, activism, and too, too many other places.

The Mission of NMG

We invented NMG to give you and all girls this space to connect with others, to share your creativity, and to hear about women and girls from girls and women themselves. You make this happen every time you contribute your creations to NMG. Then everyone can see how valuable it is to Listen To Girls!

Thank you for being part of our community of girls, parents, and allies. We’re all supporting each other and building an equal world for all.

Love, Luna

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  1. Hi, I just heard about this website in a book, and I think it is really cool so far!

    1. Thanks so much. Tell your friends. Be sure to check out our new online magazine at newmoongirls.com. Your parent or guardian can sign up for a free 1 month trial membership and share their log-in with you. At our site, kids under 18 don’t sign up on their own. We do this to keep your private info private from the internet for safety.

  2. Hi! I was a member of the GOC, and in the magazine it said to come here for something similar. Does that mean that the GOC is back in some form? I really hope it is.

    1. Hi KitKate – What we have for you now is a digital app at read.newmoongirls.com -it’s different from the GOC. It is a private app that you can load on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. We recommend using either tablet or computer/chromebook for the best reading experience. We are exploring ways to add a commenting feature for subscribers but haven’t found a secure way to do this yet. Keeping the comments secure is very important for all our members and is an abosolute must for the staff. Do give the app a free try for 2 weeks and see what it is. We love hearing from you!

  3. Is New moon 100% online now? Or is there still a print magazine to subscribe to?

    1. Hi Amanda – yes, New Moon is 100% digital now. We had to make the change last summer because of relentless increases in costs of printing and mailing we’ve been trying to absorb for the past six years. We switched to 100% digital so we can keep filling the need girls ages 8 to 14 have for girl-respecting, girl-expressing media, with NO ads, ever.
      We give two ways you can try our digital options out. First, you can download a free pdf of a past issue here so you can see how awesome our girl-created content is.
      Second you can get a 2 week free trial of our magazine app here which gives you flexibility and confidence. With our app you can see the safety, privacy and flexibility of the app you can use on computer, tablet or mobile.

  4. (I am a mom typing this for my 10-year-old kid as a letter to the editor of the January/February 2012 issue.)

    Dear New Moon Girls, especially Jenna if she is still with New Moon Girls,

    I am frustrated by the thing you Girl Caught. If you forgot, what you wrote under the image was, “This image is totally inappropriate. The outfit, makeup, and overdone hair tries to bring a ‘sexy’ look to these young girls. That is just wrong and the message it gives others and the young children is messed up. Girls and children should be children.”

    Now I know you weren’t trying to do what you were doing. But what you’re doing is dress-shaming two little girls who were probably playing at home and then their guardian took a photo and posted it online. I bet if you asked the photographer, they would say “yeah these girls were just having fun at home and I asked to take the photo and they said yes.” But Jenna, isn’t New Moon Girls all about respecting girls and women for who they are. But what you’re doing is shaming two young girls and telling other girls who read this that if you dress like this it’s wrong because it’s “sexy and inappropriate.”

    I think their outfit is perfectly fine, and if they were wearing it in public – you shouldn’t shame the girls, you should be mad at the person who took them out in public with that on.

    P.S. I used to want to be a member of New Moon Girls but because of this article I’m thinking of not joining at all.