Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

We want you to be completely happy with your New Moon Girls purchase. Contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or problems.

Late or Missed Print Issues

The paper NMG is printed and mailed once every two months. But we can’t guarantee when the Postal Service will deliver it. See the estimated dates, along with what we can and can’t control at When Will I Get My Magazine. (Delivery outside the continental U.S. takes 2-3 weeks longer than in the continental U.S.)

Incorrect Mailing Address

We can’t replace or give credit for magazines that are missed due to lack of timely address change or correction notification. We need you to notify us by email at least 8 weeks before you are at your new address! See When Will I Get My Magazine for our deadline dates.

If you sent us timely address change, and still missed an issue, please contact us. Include a copy of the address change/correction email you sent and the full name of the recipient. We’ll extend your membership to make up for the missed issue.

Damaged Print Issues

If your magazine arrives damaged (and your mailbox is large enough to keep it from being mangled), check with your mail carrier to see if the magazine arrives in good condition at your local post office. If it does not, please contact us. We want you to get NMG!!!


You may cancel your membership online at We need you to include the full name and full mailing address including postal/zip code so we can cancel the correct order. We will stop your service and issue a refund by check for any un-mailed print copies or unused days of our digital products.

It takes several days for a cancellation to become effective and up to a month for a refund check to be mailed. If you ordered through a third party/subscription agency (like Amazon, Ebsco or, contact them to process your cancellation and any refund.

If you need other assistance, please contact us.