Many NMG members, prospective members, and their families look to see if we welcome transgender children in our community.

Our answer is yes. We welcome and include children in our age range who:

  • identify as girls
  • are transitioning, or have transitioned, to identify as boys
  • identify as non-binary

With this policy, our commitment to every child’s privacy and safety is unchanged. Since publishing our first issue in 1993, we’ve welcomed both girls and boys to read New Moon Girls magazine. 

If you have questions about what it means to be a  transgender child, here are some basics, from the National Center for Transgender Equality.

Most children don’t think much about their gender identity.  When we’re born, parents, and others usually see us as male or female, based on what our bodies look like. Most people labeled female at birth turn out to identify as girls and women, and most people labeled male at birth turn out to identify as boys and men.

But some people’s gender identity – their inner knowledge of who they are – is different from what was assumed at birth. Most of these people describe themselves as transgender.

A transgender girl lives as a girl today, but was thought to be male at birth. A transgender boy lives as a boy today, but was thought to be female at birth. Some transgender people identify as neither male nor female; many calling themselves non-binary, or a combination of male and female.

There have always been transgender people in the world, but knowledge and conversation are much more open today. Many parents of transgender children become attuned to their child’s inner knowledge of their gender identity at a young age, and some acknowledge it later on. Transgender children and their parents need support and acceptance for a in the face of too-frequent misunderstanding, fear and backlash.

We believe that accepting and supporting a child’s inner knowledge of their gender is critical to New Moon Girl’s mission of building society’s respect for girls, helping girls stay true to their inner selves, and helping parents & allies keep a trusting relationship with girls during the challenging tween and teen years.

We also want to hear what you think, whether you agree with us or disagree. Please tell us here.

Thank you for supporting girls’ voices, interests, abilities, and dreams through creative self-expression, healthy resistance to inequities, peer support, and parent-ally support. Together, we are a wonderful team!

Nancy Gruver

Co-Founder & CEO

New Moon Girls Media