Note: I apologize for the delay in posting the most recent episode of the Luna’s Reading Corner podcast, which was supposed to go live on September 1. It was almost ready to go when my baby decided to arrive more than two weeks before his due date! We’re settled at home now and I’m excited to share this great Renee Watson interview with you. The podcast will be taking a break while I spend some time getting to know the newest member of our family!

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Lacey, Luna’s Reading Corner podcast host

Hey, girls! Welcome to the Luna’s Reading Corner podcast! This month, we’re excited to share a Renee Watson interview with you. Renee is the author of Ways to Make Sunshine, Some Places More Than Others, Piecing Me Together, and more. New Moon Girls member Claire joined me as we talked about poetry, book covers, Portland, Oregon, and more. Let’s hear what Renee has to say.

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