Writing Difficulties

by Mercy W

I try to write a poem,  

Or maybe a haiku,  

But when my sister comes home  She wants in with the writing, too.  She wants to write a classic,

And if I do a thing wrong, She acts like  a real critic,  

About changing this and that,  

And speaks for very long  

But I want to write it my way, So  we have a never-ending chat  That lasts all day.  

She wants it done properly,  But I want it unique.  

She gets mad at me.  

(It hardly lasts a week!)  

She was trying to help, of course,  And so I say, “Okay.”  

But I still have no remorse  In doing it my way.

The Leaf  

by Ariana A

The weather is cold and wet.  

I’m sitting in a treehouse,  

In the middle of the woods,  

With no idea of what to write. 

I look out the small window  

And I can see the leaves,  

Red, brown and wet stuck to the ground. 

I can hear some birds in the distance,  

And the wind blowing at the trees.

Not all the leaves are on the ground.  

I can hear some little birds in the distance  

And the wind blowing at the trees.  

Not all the leaves are on the ground, yet. 

Some are still clinging to the branches.  

A gust of wind blows.  

I see a leaf shaking violently from a tree  

And I try to imagine how it feels.  

Holding the tree from only a little stem,  

Knowing it can fall at any moment.  

But still hanging on.  

Does it ever get scared?  

Or tired?  

Or cold?  

Another strong wind blows  

And the leaf flutters gently to the ground.  

The Girl

by Paisley S

There once was a girl  

Who had hair like sunset  

And cheeks like a cherry blossom  

And lips like a rose.  

She loved to play and model  

And use every single pose.


by Stella M

Watch as the other kids flash past you

As you stand in the middle alone and shy, brave but scared.

Watching the kids make snowmen and snow women

Hand in hand as they walk through the friendship tunnel and you are left behind there in the dust waiting for someone to take your hand.

But as you stand there time seems to move faster as you stand still Cold, cold, cold

Days and nights go by

Months soon pass then a year or two

You have lost count. You are losing time as everyone gets older you just stand still waiting to be noticed.

Then a hand touches you and says “I am like you” as you stand still hand in hand

Time slows down and you are right where you began as the hand leads you to go and play and you are now warm and happy inside.  

She plays piano and violin. She has a huge family and enjoys writing poetry, stories and making up games. She has recently finished an epic poem featuring an HB pencil and its adventures. Mercy is 13 and lives in BC.

She loves reading, climbing trees, spending time with family and friends. She gives the best hugs! Ariana is 13 and lives in Guatemala.

A true city kid, I live in Brooklyn with my parents and big brother. I’m passionate about gymnastics, cooking with my mom, and reading chapter books. Stella is 9 and lives in NY.

Paisley likes riding horses, performing in plays, and spending time with her gerbil. She also loves playing cello in her school strings program. Paisley is 9 and lives in VA.

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