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Girl-Powered & Girl-Needed & Girl-Loved

Girls love New Moon Girls. (You already knew that!) Grab this chance to keep and add all the girl(s) you love in our Girl-Powered community! And to save on everything in our new online shop! I love reading NMG magazine! I really enjoy how you encourage girls like me to love themselves, be kind, and be […]

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How Girls Can Break Out of Bystanding

We don’t want any girl to experience the hurt illustrated above by artist Janice Liu. It opens a six-panel cartoon giving specific, simple, safe tactics kids can use to counteract bullying by peers. Featured in our Sept/Oct 2017 issue, it shows girls how they and friends can support each other to break out of bystanding […]

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To the Bone Movie – What Parents Want to Know

I first heard about the To The Bone movie, a Netflix original, when I saw a shocking still from it on Instagram. Ellen stands on an upright scale, ribs protruding. She stares intently at the scale’s toggles in front of her. The picture immediately struck me as all-too-familiar. That’s because I’ve been a girl, sick and hungry, looking […]