Art by Janice Liu

We don’t want any girl to experience the hurt illustrated above by artist Janice Liu. It opens a six-panel cartoon giving specific, simple, safe tactics kids can use to counteract bullying by peers. Featured in our Sept/Oct 2017 issue, it shows girls how they and friends can support each other to break out of bystanding and help kids who are being bullied.

Now that’s brave sisterhood!

The accompanying No Joke Zone article by Rachel Simmons, best-selling author of Odd Girl Out and co-founder of Girls Leadership, shows girls how they can set boundaries with friends on things they feel sensitive about.

The final icing on the feature section is excellent advice from NMG member Mathilde, 12, sharing her experience in handling inevitable friendship problems.

Download a pdf of this special feature as our gift through Dec 31, 2017 (after that it’s just 1.99).  Keep it handy for when you or someone else needs it.

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