Your desire to feel close to your daughter is very powerful.

It can be so frustrating as she gets older and her time is increasingly taken by her needs with school, friends, sports, hobbies, and private time. Meanwhile you’re juggling just as much between work, family needs, your partner, friends, your personal needs, and more.

It’s sad to feel that you and your daughter aren’t communicating as deeply or easily as you did back when she told you every single feeling and thought she had.

These changes are normal in her development and happen gradually. But then one day you feel too out-of-touch with her. Maybe she says, “You don’t understand anything!” Or even worse, “You don’t care!” 

But of course you do understand–you certainly try to–and you do care!

Megan Armstrong created her Connect and Create course to reverse the gradual deterioration in mother & daughter communication and connection that often happens as your girl grows up.

Megan guides mother & daughter pairs to deeper understanding and communication with each other through a process of individual and shared creative expression. She helps you deepen your connection with your girl and gives you and her tools to help her navigate the inevitable ups and downs of growing up.

Previous Participants in this course say:

“Thank you for a wonderfully challenging experience for my daughter and I. The last two months have been filled with lots of fun, joy, and growth. I am seeing my daughter as a whole person, accepting more of her personality/character and really enjoying all of it. You have been a calm, patient, and positive guide for us as we navigate this mother/daughter path. We feel more connected, which looks like cuddling together, being silly together, and discussing difficult issues with less drama and difficulty. We have a desire to spend time together and we learned how important it is to actually do it.

It’s been a great couple of months and I’m sad to have it end. Thank you so much! ”  — Anastasia

“As a mother, the best part of being in the group was getting to meet on a regular basis with wonderful moms and daughters and sharing common experiences. I really enjoyed the mom time to talk. Megan created a safe place for both mothers and daughters to share, laugh, be vulnerable and be creative. She was a wonderful combination of being supportive and warm and willing to challenge the girls to put themselves out there in order to practice healthy communication. ”  — Willa  

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Enrollment for this pilot is first come, first serve. At this time we only have spaces for two more mother-daughter pairs. 

If you’re interested enroll now for 60% savings off the usual course price.

The information about the course is detailed and includes FAQs that answer the questions we’ve gotten.

It would be great to have you and your daughter join us in the pilot phase while we’re fine-tuning the course for online teaching.

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