This guest post is from Mike Reynolds, EverydayGirlDad on his blog, Twitter and Facebook.

In January I started cross-stitching. In February I decided I would learn how to design my own cross-stitch patterns as well. In the months since then I have taken on all kinds of projects. Some have been for friends and the public and some I’ve just kept for myself.

I started what I called the Rad Women in Cross-stitch Form Project and then just kept going.

I have learned two things: One, cross-stitching is really great for management of my anxiety. I can focus my mind on a piece when it wants to go down a road that leads to self-doubt. Having this focus is wonderful. Two, I love cross-stitching and should have started it sooner. I have put off doing too many things for fear of what other might think. Doing this is a harmful way to live a life.

Here’s a collection of some of my favourite pieces, and the patterns I made for them so that you can try them out too if you want!

Maya Angelou – pattern

Hermione – pattern & RGB – pattern

Janelle Monae – pattern

Tess Holliday – pattern

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  1. Me too! My 21 year old daughter got me cross stitching again! Anxiety release, focus and sense of accomplishment.
    Your post reminded me I learned how to xstich around the time she was born.
    Best part is thinking about person you might give it to, and your relationship with them while calmly creating, or even stitching together!