Dad’s Favorite Rad Women in Cross-Stitch and Patterns for Them

This guest post is from Mike Reynolds, EverydayGirlDad on his blog, Twitter and Facebook.

In January I started cross-stitching. In February I decided I would learn how to design my own cross-stitch patterns as well. In the months since then I have taken on all kinds of projects. Some have been for friends and the public and some I’ve just kept for myself.

I started what I called the Rad Women in Cross-stitch Form Project and then just kept going.

I have learned two things: One, cross-stitching is really great for management of my anxiety. I can focus my mind on a piece when it wants to go down a road that leads to self-doubt. Having this focus is wonderful. Two, I love cross-stitching and should have started it sooner. I have put off doing too many things for fear of what other might think. Doing this is a harmful way to live a life.

Here’s a collection of some of my favourite pieces, and the patterns I made for them so that you can try them out too if you want!


Maya Angelou – pattern

Hermione – pattern & RGB – pattern


Janelle Monae – pattern


Tess Holliday – pattern

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