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Happy Father’s Day!

by Hansa, 9, India

Hi guys! I’m Hansa, and I’m here to talk about Father’s Day. Sorry if I’m sending this late!

So, to thank our fathers on this special day, first, we will make a card! Just grab some paper and start writing. You can write something which touches your heart, like, “When life wasn’t the best for me, you were always there.” Or “You are the reason I’m willing to face the rage, emptiness and depression in life.”. You can decorate your card with drawings.

You can also make some homemade gifts, like a painting of your dad or anything. I’m sure your dad will be delighted to get it! If you’re making a gift, you can cover it with plain paper or colored paper and draw on it.
NOTE: Be creative! Think up ideas of your own.

After you make a card or homemade gift, you can cook up something special! Maybe some cupcakes or anything at all.

Next, plan a surprise party! You don’t need to decorate the room that much. Maybe a “Happy Father’s Day!” sign will do. Then, put snacks on the tables. Put the cards and gifts all on one table. Put on some cheerful music, and have a memorable day with your family!

If you planned the party at night (I recommend that
ofc) then after the party, you all can sit outside (if the weather is fine and all!). Bye now, guys! Best of luck!

Warm wishes,
~ Hansa

Are you and your family doing something for Father’s Day?

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