The freedom to be and express herself.

Plus the power of a supportive peer community.

For and by girls ages 8-14.

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New Moon’s mission is to uplift girls’ voices worldwide.

It has been independent and ad-free since its founding in 1993.

Many time winner of the Parents’ Choice Gold Award, it’s a unique media environment where tween and young teen girls are themselves.

In its pages and online, girls share their voices, grow their curiosity and creativity, and support each other.

Together, New Moon Girls build healthy resilience in a world still dominated by commercialism, consumerism, limited expectations, and unfair standards for physical appearance.

Participate: Any girl can be part of New Moon!

Girls don’t need to be magazine subscribers for their work to be published in New Moon Girls Magazine. If your girl or student wants to contribute non-fiction writing, creative writing, or artwork, they can check out Upcoming Magazine Themes, submit creations through the Girls Get Published form, or participate in activities on

Remember, NMG publishes creations by girls ages 8 to 14. And everything contributed to our website is reviewed by an adult moderator before posting on our website.

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