I am so annoyed, because the other day at school, there was a crazy sexist incident that I couldn’t resist sharing with all of you. Ok, so let’s start! (By the way, this mainly happened to my friend.)

There’s this male teacher (I’ll call him Mr. Bob) and Mr. Bob has always been pretty strict, and rude at times. On this particular day, we were working on a worksheet for Math. But, he gave us girls a different one than the boys. We asked why, because it looked too easy. He started laughing and said, “Well, why not? You are a girl, and girls need something easier. When you stay at home and cook and clean when you’re older, you can’t do hard stuff.”

How is this even acceptable?! Just because we’re girls doesn’t mean we can’t participate in a challenge! We are ALL so gifted, and Mr. Bob is wrong! ~Mason, 13, OR

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