The other day, after my brother’s baseball practice, we got pizza from this delicious pizzeria. There was this man and his friend (who was a girl!) outside and suddenly, a random girl with sporty tights and a tighter t-shirt was walking by this guy, who was overly cocky by the way, and so he whistled and rubbed his chin, while looking at the girl in an inappropriate way. I honestly felt like yelling at him. Don’t men know that we’re HUMANS not OBJECTS? This man was so disrespectful. The woman ran away, because she felt so uncomfortable. He was laughing after, and making kissing noises. This woman deserves to be treated with respect as do ALL WOMEN! I’m just so appalled, so sorry if I’m ranting… I just can’t believe people are not dealing with and/or fixing this issue enough! When I grow up, I don’t want that to happen to me! I don’t want to feel pressured, unsafe, and stuck! I’m sure you other NMG girls definitely don’t want that, too… So I urge all of you girls to stay informed and prepared on self defense mechanisms because in our world, they really do matter. Hugs and Safety/Respect Wishes, Mason, 13, OR