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We announce this award each year in March, which we call Girls & Women’s Herstory month.

Making Herstory

Taylor is already making herstory at age fifteen, inspired by Mae Jemison’s book, Find Where the Wind Goes. Jemison was the first African-American woman in space and Taylor’s dream is to be an astronaut who goes to Mars. She’s even had the thrill of meeting her shero, Dr. Jemison, in person.

One of the things we love most about Taylor is her awareness that lots of girls don’t get to have the opportunities she’s had. Because of that, she’s conscious of extending and sharing her inspirations and finding ways to help other kids get inspired by books, films featuring girls and women in STEM careers, and an anti-bullying campaign called Be A Buddy, Not A Bully.

Representing Black Girls in STEM

She especially takes representing black girls interested in STEM very seriously. She believes and practices that girls gain from supporting each other in pursuing their dreams. We LOVE that, too!

We honor you, Taylor, for following your dreams, representing girls who love STEM, and black girls, and sharing both your personal and community ambitions.

In Her Own Words

Taylor Richardson, Girl of the Year 2019

Founder of New Moon Girls. We Help Girls Grow with Courage, Creativity, Compassion & Community. We amplify girls' opinions, activism, sisterhood, writing & art in both our magazine and online. We help girls, parents, teachers and allies fight sexism together in their communities. Ad-free...

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