Hey Girls! Lily2 here! I need some help. I thought I was pretty smart… but then zoom school happened. Now my parents say i need a tutor. I’m disappointed at myself. I know I’m not the only person in the world who needs tutoring but it feels like I am. Any advice?
~Lily2, 10, CA

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  1. dear Lily2,
    You’re not alone! I started math tutoring last summer and at first like you, I thought I was as smart as a ton of the other kids in my class! then my parents told me I had to go to math tutoring. I was angry, and then I found a great guy math tuterer. and he was super nice and we even played a math game after class! you will always be smart but you will doubt yourself on the way…
    I recently thought I was the only one, but I found out three other girls in my class that took tutoring! after that I shared openly to lots of people like “oh I will call you tomorrow I have math tutoring.” they didn’t care! I hope you think your smart by now. cause I know you are.

  2. Hey! You’re DEFINITELY not the only person who’s going through/been through this! I’m 13 and had to get a tutor last year because i was in danger of getting really bad grades in one of my classes. My tutor actually helped so much, I went from a C to a B+ in two months! I also have a BUNCH of friends who have tutors currently and their tutors are helping them understand (and get ahead in!) their classes! Tutoring isn’t something that should bring you down and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about it! Good luck!

  3. Hello Lily2! You for sure aren’t the only person. I’m 12 years old, in middle school, and had my 5th grade graduation online. During the pandemic, a lot of people feel that way, and tutoring is just a way for you to get ahead, and to get a more in-depth explanation of topics.