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Outline Example

Remember, New Moon Girls Magazine publishes non-fiction writing, creative writing, and art by girls ages 8 to 14. This outline example is for a non-fiction article. If you want to submit creative writing, upload it now with the Girls Get Published Form. If you want to contribute art, CLICK HERE to check out illustrator opportunities.

If you need help creating your article outline, ask a family member, teacher, or friend and create one that looks like this example:

The topic for my article is: Example: Girls Skateboarding

I think this will be a good topic for New Moon Girls because: Example: Lots of people think only boys skateboard. But lots of girls are awesome skateboarders and it’s really fun. More girls should get involved in skateboarding to find out how fun and empowering it is!

Sources – Some of my sources will be: Example: 1. A book about skateboarding I have at home. 2. Talking to my neighbour who loves to skateboard. 3. This web site for safety tips: https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/safety-skateboarding.html

Once you get started, do you think you can finish your article within 2 Weeks? Example: Yes OR Example: No. I have exams at school in the next 2 weeks. But I can send my completed article by this date: August 1

My article length will be: Example: 1 page – approximately 275 words (Hint, your choices are: 1 page – approximately 275 words, 2 pages – approximately 675 words, or 4 pages – approximately 1200 words. Some opportunities, like book reviews, can be less than 1 page.)

Is your Author Photo ready? Example: Yes! I’m uploading it with my permission form and outline!

I want my Author Bio to say: Example: Jamaya, 11, NJ loves fishing with her grandpa and basically everything outdoors. If she has to be inside, she likes playing Roblox and loves making unusual art. Someday, she might consider joining a Mars colony.

Do YOU have YOUR article outline ready? GREAT!

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