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Parent Permission for Publication

Review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service before completing and submitting parent permission forms!

Send your permission form/s:

With Your Child’s Contribution HERE OR complete the form AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE

When your child participates in New Moon by sharing writing, artwork, or other creations, we ask for certain pieces of information that are shown with their creation and/or stored in our system.

Parents can request full deletion of anything associated with their child at any time. We regularly delete old information that is no longer part of active use.

When a child participates in an activity on NewMoonGirls.com that will not be considered for print magazine publication, we request only the child’s first name or nickname (NO LAST NAMES PLEASE), age, their general location of state, province, or country, and a parent email address in case we need to contact you about what your child has shared.

Children’s contributions appear on New Moon Girls with their authorship information displayed as in these examples: Penelope, 11, NY or Janine, 13, South Africa.

At New Moon, we encourage all forms of children’s creativity. New technologies are always changing the creative tools children have access to. We encourage children to experiment with technologies and tools that can benefit their learning and increase their creative expression. This includes video and audio creation tools.

Children cannot share images or videos containing their face, or audio recordings containing their voice, without parent permission. If your child submits a creation that contains their image or voice, we will contact your parent email address requesting you complete and return the above permission form for their creation to be shared in our community.

If your child shares a contribution such as creative writing, non-fiction writing, or artwork for New Moon Girls Magazine and it is selected for publication, we will contact your parent email address requesting completion of a permission form for publication and additional information required for shipping your child’s complimentary copy of the magazine to their mailing address.

Information collected by New Moon is collected only for the purposes of operating NewMoonGirls.com and New Moon Girls Magazine. We never share or sell parent or child contact information with anyone outside of New Moon.

If you wish to speed the process of granting permission for your child’s participation and publication in New Moon Girls, you can do so by downloading the parent permission form now and submitting it with your child’s contribution using the Girls Get Published form.

If your child has already submitted content that is under consideration for magazine publication and you wish to add your permission form, you can do so BELOW.

If you wish to wait for our staff to contact you at your parent email address requesting a permission form for publication, that is fine, too. We will contact you when your child’s contribution has been reviewed, accepted, and scheduled to a specific issue of New Moon Girls Magazine or publication date on NewMoonGirls.com.


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