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Your Voting Power

On November 3, 2020, the United States elects a President, 33 US Senators, 435 US Representatives, and thousands of state and local offices.
Even if you can’t vote, you still have influence! Tell us what issues you care about and how you’ll use your power to influence this year’s elections. (We’ll share the results in our Sept-Oct 2020 issue)

Playing With Dolls?

Do you still play with dolls? What are/were your favorite things about playing with dolls? Answer this poll, and look for your responses in our September-October 2020 “Want to Play?” issue!

Homebody or Social Butterfly?

Do you like chilling at home, being out and about with friends, or something else? Tell us—and your answer could be in the magazine! Thanks!

Live in the Past or the Future?

If you could, would you rather live in the past of the future? Share your thoughts and they could be in the magazine! Thanks.

Help Make NMG Better!

Tell us what you think about what you see in New Moon Girls magazine and in our Girls Online Community at NMGMembers.com! Take our quick survey, and thanks for being part of our girls’ community.

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