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Hair, There, and Everywhere!

What’s your favorite way to do your hair? Why do you like it? What hairstyle-related stereotypes do you see in the world? Your response could be in the magazine. Thanks!

Recommend: Books About Change

Do you feel like there’s a ton of change going on? You’re not alone! From our bodies (hello, puberty!), to our emotions (“is she still my friend?”), to our world (well… COVID), change is everywhere. Sometimes change is good. But even natural, necessary, healthy changes can also be hard and complicated. Lucky for us, that makes “change” a very popular theme in books! What books about change would YOU recommend?

Barrier-Breaking Women

One month from now Kamala Harris will smash a barrier when she’s sworn in as America’s first woman Vice President. Many other women, past and present, have helped pave the way for her achievement. Do you know about a barrier-breaking woman?

Celebrating During Pandemic

COVID-19 has complicated our regular celebrations! A birthday, bat mitzvah, quinceañera, graduation, major holiday – these are normally times to get together with family and friends and just have fun. But how can we celebrate AND stay safe during a pandemic?

How You’re Coping with the Pandemic

What’s changing for you at home and at school? What are you missing? What worries you? What’s hard to talk about? What gives you support? How are you coping? What do you want to hear from parents, friends, teachers, and others? Your response may be in our next magazine!

Your Ideas for the Dear Luna page

Share your inspirations, suggestions, and interests for us to include in future magazines!

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