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Voting Age

Legal voting ages around the world range from 16 in countries including Scotland, Ethiopia, and Brazil to 25 in the United Arab Emirates. Most countries, including the United States and Canada, have a minimum voting age of 18. What do you think of minimum voting ages? Should there be a voting age at all?

COVID Silver Linings

Good things sometimes come from bad situations. Life and beauty can bloom in unlikely places. Has anything about life in the pandemic been like this for you?

Barrier-Breaking Women

One month from now Kamala Harris will smash a barrier when she’s sworn in as America’s first woman Vice President. Many other women, past and present, have helped pave the way for her achievement. Do you know about a barrier-breaking woman?

Celebrating During Pandemic

COVID-19 has complicated our regular celebrations! A birthday, bat mitzvah, quinceaƱera, graduation, major holiday – these are normally times to get together with family and friends and just have fun. But how can we celebrate AND stay safe during a pandemic?

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