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City or Wilderness?

Are you a city mouse or a country mouse? Would you rather hang out in a bustling city or in a quiet natural area? Why? Your answers could be in NMG magazine!

What About Makeup?

Been thinking about makeup? What’s a good age to start wearing it? Or is there too much focus on makeup?

Read or Watch?

You are spending a year with family on a beautiful island, but you can only read books OR watch movies (or TV or whatever). Will you read or watch?

Screen Time?

How much “screen time” do you get to use devices for fun? Do you think your time limit is fair? Are kids—and adults—on screens too much? Your answer could be in the magazine. Thanks!

Best Book?

When you watch media for kids, do you see shades of skin and gender fairness that reflects who we ALL are? Studies show improvement from the past, but characters in movies and other screen images are still most often white and male. Books for younger readers also have improved in character diversity, but still don’t reflect the world we live in. We want YOUR help to recommend diverse books you love! Your recommendations may be in the magazine.

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